Trying to Trust

Today is another round of emails and phone calls to our senators and congressman.  I am doing everything I can on this end to somehow get Hope exempted from this backlog and get her into the U.S.  She simply cannot wait through the weekend for this issue to be resolved.  We very much need to get her home, but I feel like all my efforts have been fruitless.

I hate hate hate this.  There are so many good and wonderful and positive, God-filled things going on in the lives of our two new children.  There have been countless joys and milestones and they are both adjusting so marvelously to our family.  I have so much I want to say and gush to you about!  But my brain is totally preoccupied with this mess.

I can’t think about anything but that my baby girl is hurting and she needs to come home.  And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.  We could be waiting another day or another week; we have no idea.  But barring a miracle it looks like they will be stuck there through the weekend again.  This is so hard, so so hard.  Last night as I went to bed, exhausted and emotionally empty I heard God’s still, soft voice… “Are you still trusting Me?”  Yes, Lord.  Yes.  It seems simple, but trusting right now feels like the most difficult thing in the world and every fiber of my being is fighting against it.

But yes.  I am choosing trust.  God please make my heart glad again, as if the dawn had already come.

Please continue to pray for us.  Some people have inquired about contacting their representatives in Washington D.C.  That is not necessary; ours are already doing all that they can.  This delay has cost us nearly $2000 in transferred tickets, extra hotel expenses, etc.  Our grant fund at Reece’s Rainbow has been put back up, so there is still a tax deductible way to donate funds that we will have access to immediately.  Here is the link.

But most of all just keep praying; right now that’s about the only avenue I have left.  And perhaps that was the point all along.

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