In the Details

When a master artist paints or quilts or creates a work of art, what is it that we tend to marvel at?  Sometimes it is the creativity of the image or thing that was made, the very idea of it is awe-inspiring.  But more often, I believe it is the intricate detail that such artists put into their work that makes it truly amazing to experience.  That was true for me this last thirty hours as we traversed four different airports on two continents with our little ones in tow.

God’s hand was so evident in all the details.  I’ll be perfectly honest, we should not have survived this trip in one piece.  There is no way that either of us were experienced or knowledgeable or patient or wise enough to have survived such an endeavor!  It is only by the grace of God that we are here now.  Each time I thought I was at the end of my rope, that I couldn’t keep going, God provided.  He made a way every single time.

Whether it was the considerate German lady who gave Stephen a sheet of stickers during his meltdown in the terminal when I was carrying five bags with no one to help me.

Or the sweet Muslim mother who shared her kids’ snacks with us just seconds after I made the realization that I had neglected to buy some before we boarded like I had intended.  I mean, honestly, there is no way she could have known!  But God knew.

Not to mention the Iraqi woman who enjoyed playing “tickles” with Stephen the last two hours of our long flight when I was totally out of tricks to keep him going.

He gave us just enough time in our layover for me to post my blog and finish my updates AND to rest my eyes for just long enough to not feel like I was going to pass out whenever I stood up.

And then there was the security guard at the Frankfurt airport who (immediately as I boarded the bus with a sleeping four year old and couldn’t figure out how I was going to manage the strength to stand up for the shuttle trip as sleep deprived as I was) told the lady in the single seat by the door to move for me.

Or even the spinach omelette breakfast on our last flight that was exactly the type and amount of protein I needed….

God was in all the details.  He sustained, protected, nourished and guided us through.  Not only was He there providing us with the physical necessities for our journey, but also sustained us emotionally and spiritually through His faithfulness.  This is not a journey we could make without the blessing of Christ’s Church or the knowledge of God’s blessing upon our travels.  As we left all things familiar behind and took our family into unknown, uncomfortable and difficult situations, we needed more than anything to have those clear nudgings that God was certainly with and for us on our trek.

I am in awe of his great compassion and mercies; what a beautiful blessing to put ourselves in positions of vulnerability and uncertainty so that we can see God’s love for us shine even more brightly.  Blessings to you all back home, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we miss you already!

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