Fundraising Q&A

Why are you fundraising? Adoption is very near and dear to our hearts. We realize that many of these children, if they are not adopted, have very few options. Orphans with special needs are usually sent to underfunded government mental institutions where many die for lack of food, neglect and other abuse. Healthy orphans are turned out onto the streets as teenagers; no one will hire them and they often have no other choice but to fall into crime, drugs or suicide. Many are sold into the sex slave trade. Unfortunately, international adoption is prohibitively expensive. Saving the lives of these children makes it difficult for families to be found for them.

How much does adoption cost? An international adoption (like ours) costs, on average, $30,000. This is not because we are “buying” a child, but logistically there are many things that need to be paid for. These costs include things like: a homestudy, background checks, translation assistance, international plane tickets, sleeping accommodations during travel, government facilitators, passports, court fees, etc.

If you can’t afford the adoption, how will you afford to care for the child once they are home? This is a common question. There truly is a big difference between paying for an adoption (the equivalent of about $4300 payments a month for seven months) and being able to afford to feed and clothe a child. Many loving, competent, financially stable families would love to bring an orphan into their home, they simply lack the large lump sum needed to get them there.

Do other families fundraise for their adoptions? Yes! Adoption fundraising is becoming more and more common as more people are realizing the plight of these orphans in other countries. Special needs adoption is a ministry that truly reflects God’s love for us! More Christians are realizing this truth and answering God’s call as He “sets the lonely in families”. Churches and communities gather around these families and give them the support they need to get their children home. It is a marvelous and beautiful thing!

Are there any fundraisers going on right now?  I am currently having two Thirty-One parties as fundraisers.  Go to: All commission from sales at this website will go toward our adoption!  We also have some more fundraisers coming up, so stay tuned!

Can I make a tax deductible donation toward your adoption? Absolutely! We are partnering with an organization called Reece’s Rainbow for our adoption. They are a registered 501c3 non-profit that advocates for orphans and helps to raise money for adopting families. You can find our sponsorship page and make a tax deductible gift at: Or you can mail your gift to the address below with the memo “Juri for the Mueller Family”.

Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885


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