Our First Family Meal

imag0041Now that Evangeline is old enough to appreciate, or at least experience, the delicacies of fine cuisine, we have begun having family meals together where everyone gets to eat real food!  Instead of spoon-feeding baby food, we are using baby-led weaning with Evangeline, which basically means she gets real food that she feeds to herself when she’s ready.  For her first attempt we tried banana.  I quartered the banana and placed two pieces on her plate.  She seemed mildly interested, but not enough to actually try to grab the banana.  She did pick at it a little and then suck on her fingers, so I think she was getting little tastes of it.




imag0040 (1)







Yesterday we tried again; this time I mashed up the banana and put it on the tray in front of her.  I figured, since she wasn’t going to pick it up, this would be an easier way for her to manage it.  At first we were not sure if she was interested or not, but once she figured it out she got almost excited!  She kept swishing her hand in the banana mash and then putting her hand back in her mouth and eating whatever happened to actually make the full journey from her tray to her mouth.  Most of it ended up in her lap!  But she didn’t seem to mind.  It was so much fun watching her learn how to eat!

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