Here we go!

IMG_0289As I write we are currently on the overnight train to Juri’s city.  Here I am in our little compartment right after we boarded while we were waiting to go.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t so I’m writing you instead!  I may or may not have a chance to post this before we go to meet Juri for the first time.  I really hope I do, (I did!  I’m going to get a shower too!  Woohoo!) but our train is set to arrive at 6am and we have to meet with the orphanage director at 8:30am before she leaves, apparently Friday is a day where they get off early so our facilitator had to arrange this special for us to even have a visit tomorrow.

I know it’s a half hour drive from our apartment to the orphanage and we have to make a stop at the store to buy treats for the kids at the orphanage since apparently that is  very important.  I am feeling very nervous to meet him, and a little frustrated that the morning is going to be so rushed.  I won’t have time for a shower or to practice the little bit of Russian I know.  I won’t have time to mentally prepare myself for this really huge event.  It’s just incredibly intimidating!

It’s also a bummer that we are getting here on the weekend, which I assume means we will have less visits with him before we will need to go back to the capital to get Janna’s referral.  I feel like we are going to meet him and get everyone really excited and then we’re going to have to leave again for a week or more. But I just have to leave it in the Lord’s hands.  He knows what we need and what Juri needs and He’ll make sure we all get those things, so I need to let go of my vision and just let Him do His thing.

In any case, prayers would be appreciated.  I assume by the time most of you read this our visit will be over, but perhaps a few of you are night owls or very early risers and can say some quick prayers for our meeting today.

Oh also, I’ve had so much to say I keep forgetting to mention!  There is a group of dear ladies that call themselves the “Anonymous Angels” and they choose one or two families a month to gift with a matching grant.  This month they have chosen our family!  We truly couldn’t be more grateful.

For those who don’t know, a matching grant is a grant that we have to fundraise for first, once we meet their amount they will double it!  Our matching grant is for $600.00, so if our FSP can read $18,680 (I believe that’s the exact amount) within the next couple of weeks, this group of ladies will donate $600.00 more!  So every dollar you give now will essentially be doubled!!

I wish I could promote it a little more, but with the travelling it’s been a bit tricky, and we want to spend our time online to share our journey with you as well.  If you would like to donate toward our matching grant you can give a tax deductible gift here:

Alright, I think that’s all for me tonight.  Next time you hear from me I will have some very exciting updates!! Can’t wait to share all about our sweet boy!

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