Kyrie’s Birth Story: Part II

So sorry it took me so long to get this up!  I was out of commission the last couple of days due to a uterine infection, but I’m feeling much better and we caught it quickly so there shouldn’t be any complications from here on out, praise God!  If you missed it, you can read Part I of the Birth Story HERE.


Things started progressing very quickly at this point. People began arriving… Stephen was the first member of my audience. When I heard him wake up I was so worried that he was just going to cry for me the entire night. He is never consolable at one in the morning unless I’m holding him.  Much to my surprise, God provided him with a very peaceful spirit and allowed my mom to hold him. He was even perfectly content (and kind of emotionless) when she had to leave for a moment. Next Jake’s parents arrived, followed by the midwife’s assistant and her back up midwife who was also attending the birth.

Birth AudienceMy mom went upstairs to see if Evangeline wanted to wake up. Now, if you know my daughter, you know that she is just like me and that being woken up does not put her in a happy place. But as soon as she heard “Mommy is having the baby,” she sat straight up and proclaimed “Oh! This is my favorite part!” She came downstairs bounding with energy and sat right next to Stephen to watch the birth.  Jake’s mom sat down to help and before long I had my own little audience with their chairs pulled up to see the big event.  It probably would have been terribly distracted if I had had any presence of mind to think about it, thankfully I was preoccupied.

They couldn’t actually see me in the tub during contractions because it was so tall, but I popped up in between and smiled and gave them thumbs up to let them know I was excited and everything was going well. Jake and I took a picture together and I was still talking and laughing in between contractions. They did get closer together, though I didn’t notice it much because they had started so close.

I started feeling a bit pushy so my midwife checked me. I was dilated to almost a nine already (and still happy in between contractions?!) so she told me to breathe through a couple more and that I was almost there.  At this point Jake’s back rubs stopped helping, which I managed to communicate mid-contraction. My brilliant midwife told him to try constant pressure instead of moving pressure. That felt much better. Contractions were getting so intense that I found myself holding my breath when one started. “I need you to breathe through these,” my midwife reminded me, which I did with quite a bit of vocalizing.

Breathing hurts less than not breathing, but for some reason the natural reaction is just to clamp up. About three contractions after my midwife checked me I let her know that my body had started pushing on its own during contractions. She started helping Jake by putting pressure on my hips while he pressed down on my back.  She asked me if I wanted him to get in the tub for support while pushing and I said no. Their cumulative effort was helping me manage and the last thing I wanted was to change it up and risk being in more pain, so I opted to keep everything the same. I was on hands and knees, not my preferred pushing position, but again I wasn’t about to move. I had found a way to cope and I was going to stick with that.

During the next contraction I started pushing. My midwife checked me afterward and said that I was fully dilated with just a little lip. I told her I was pushing through the last contraction and she said “I know; I wasn’t born yesterday. That’s why I checked you.” I didn’t laugh out loud but I did chuckle a little on the inside.  She asked if I wanted my water broken to push, and that she always felt more comfortable pushing without the bag of waters there. I was totally indecisive. I had no idea! I had never made it to the pushing stage with an intact bag of waters.

We broke my water during Evie’s labor at 5cm because I was tired of the slow progress, and Stephen’s broke on its own before his labor had even really started.  I couldn’t make up my mind, so I said we’d work through one more contraction and then decide, which was really me just stating the reality as the next contraction was already starting anyway. Several seconds later the point was totally moot as my water broke easily on its own and baby was crowning with the next push.

After that it took about five more pushes for baby to be born, way more than I’ve ever had to push before. But I had no tearing, and have been much more comfortable post-partum than I was with either of my other babies, so I don’t mind having had to wait a little longer in the pushing phase!  Baby was born at 2:10am almost two hours exactly from when active labor started. After doing some gymnastics with the umbilical cord… ahem… my midwife handed me our sweet little one and we put a towel over her to keep her warm in the tub. This is the first baby that Jake didn’t actually help deliver, but I think he was ok with that.

I held her for a minute before someone inevitably asked if baby was a boy or girl, I had to move the cord to see, and when I did I just remember saying “She’s a girl! But I already knew that, Mommy didn’t even have to look to know you were a girl.” Which is true, from my feelings during pregnancy and then seeing her face when she was born, somehow I just knew.
Baby girl and I stayed in the tub a while longer. The placenta did not come out nice and whole like it should have, so my midwife had to work on that for a few minutes (not super comfortable if you were wondering). Unfortunately we didn’t quite get all the little pieces (which caused my uterine infection a few days later).  We found that she also had a true knot in her cord, just like her older brother did!  Not sure why my children like to do that…

IMG_1558After all that was finished, Daddy brought Jacob over to cut the umbilical cord, he had just been woken up after the baby was born, although he didn’t particularly care to. The story I heard was that when Daddy went to get him and said it was time to meet the baby Jacob’s answer was “No, let’s do it in the morning.” Sigh… a child after my own heart. But he was glad afterward that he was awake with all the excitement!

Finally it was Daddy’s turn to hold the baby while I changed clothes and slowly made my way to the family room to rest in the recliner. After a good while of sweet girl nursing, Stephen helped Daddy weigh her and the midwife did a few quick newborn measurements and checks.  Last, but certainly not least, Mommy got a very early morning breakfast of oatmeal before we all headed back upstairs to bed at the very sleepy time of four in the morning. We still had no name for her at this point; it wasn’t until later that afternoon that we decided on Kyrie.

Out of all three births, Kyrie’s was definitely the smoothest. She also broke all of the similarities that my other two shared. I suppose we truly have no idea what pregnancy and childbirth are going to be like no matter how many times before we’ve done it. It is always changing from one child to the next!  Yet one thing continues to remain the same… the sacrifice is miniscule and not even comparable to the reward of bearing life. And to those dear mothers whose pregnancies didnot come to such a joyous end on this side of eternity, my heart and prayers are always with you and the reward that awaits you in Heaven is greater still.


Stephen’s Birth Story: Part II

If you haven’t yet… read Part I first!


The thought that I might actually be ready to push still had not crossed my mind.  I didn’t know why my body was telling me to push, but I figured it couldn’t possibly be because I was actually ready to push.  I had only been in labor for about 35 minutes at this point.  Regardless, the urge to push just became more and more pronounced.  My body started pushing on its own.  Three or four contractions after the phone call I knew I couldn’t help it anymore.  I told Jake, “I can’t do this anymore!”

I thought perhaps I needed to go to the bathroom and that’s why my body felt like it needed to push something out?  I wasn’t having much time in between contractions, but I needed to do something.  So, when my last contraction ended, I got up and walked to the bathroom.  I didn’t say anything to Jake; I was still in super-focus mode and needed to stay there.  Evie followed me, but Jake stayed in the living room, slightly confused.

I sat on the toilet and started pushing… then all of a sudden I realized… that was a head.  I felt his head come into the birth canal and immediately stopped pushing.  I was still concerned that I was pushing too soon, and I knew I was probably pushing too quickly.  I felt down to see where the baby was, and sure enough, he was crowning.

My very next thought was “My baby is not going to be born on the toilet!”  I don’t know why, but that was just extremely important to me in that moment.  I stood up and yelled for Jake, “Come catch the baby!”  He ran in as I leaned on the sink for support.  He knelt down behind me and said “I can see the face!”  Knowing he was there I gave one final push and out the baby came.  “He’s a boy!!” Jake pronounced and then handed him to me.

The cord was wrapped around his torso, so I untangled him.  He didn’t like being moved around at all and started crying.  That was good, as it seemed to clear out his lungs and we knew he was breathing.  Not having a midwife there, that was good to know!  Evangeline had done very well up until that point; his crying scared her and she started crying as well.

I sat down on the bathroom floor and brought the baby to my chest and comforted Evie in my other arm.  Jake made sure I was ok and ran out of the house to help our midwife carry everything in.  He really wanted her to be in there with us!  That was the last time I saw him for about an hour after the birth.  With all of the adrenaline from catching his son he was doing all sorts of things and couldn’t settle down!  I remember actually having to call him into the bedroom after a while and ask him if he wanted to come meet his son now.  😀

umbilical cordIt all happened so quickly it was hard for either of us to sit and enjoy the moment as we were all still processing what just happened.  Our little man was born at 4:08pm after only about an hour of labor.  I delivered the placenta in the bathroom and then we moved into the bedroom.  The umbilical cord had a true knot in it, which my midwife said was fairly uncommon.

He started nursing right away and continued to nurse for about an hour and a half after he was born!  He did cry whenever we moved him for the first couple of hours.  He must have been very sore after his speedy trip through the birth canal.  His face was also quite bruised and he had broken blood vessels in his eyes.  But after those first two hours he calmed down quite a bit and still doesn’t cry hardly at all!

Evie's oreosDaddy got to weigh him, 8lbs 8oz just like his Mommy was!  And Evie got to cut his cord.  She loved him from the very beginning and even brought in two cookies to the bedroom, one for her and one for baby!  It was super sweet, but we had to explain to her that babies don’t eat cookies!  The rest of the evening was filled with many phone calls and skype sessions, a very healthy dinner of McDonald’s (hey, it’s easy!) and enjoying our new family of four.

He was a few hours old when we decided on his name: Stephen Patrick Mueller.  Stephen, of course, for the first martyr of the Church.  And Patrick not only for St. Patrick, but also for Jake’s dear grandmother, Pat, who went to be with the Lord earlier this year.  Evangeline fell asleep and Jake, Stephen and I waited up for my mom who flew in that day from Denver.  She arrived a little after midnight to meet her new grandson, and then we all promptly fell asleep.

one happy family

A New Mommy of Two

img_1882As you may have already guessed… we didn’t end up live blogging the birth…  I promise that I will post a birth story as soon as I have it written down, but with a labor short enough that even the midwife missed the event – I hope you won’t feel too left out that the blogging world missed it too!

In any case, I wanted to post an update for everyone.  Stephen was born on the 19th in the afternoon (his grandpa’s birthday!) and he is doing absolutely wonderfully.  He has nursed like a champ from the beginning, no pain or soreness at all!  With Evangeline it took over a month to get to a comfortable point.  When I think about it, almost everything is different this time around.  They are both equally enjoyable and lovable, but definitely unique!  I suppose if you know one baby you certainly don’t know them all.

We are looking forward to learning more about our Little Man as he continues to grow.  Evangeline is doing marvelously with her little brother.  There is no sign of jealousy, although the first day I could tell she was just a bit anxious that she was being left out.  After tandem nursing a couple of times, though, she realized that I was still just as much her Mommy as always, and she’s been doing great ever since!

We have already started elimination communication (infant potty training) and it’s going great.  We had our first two catches today!  Not even a week old, and he’s already using the potty 😀  Co-sleeping is also going well.  We’re still working out some kinks, but overall we’re getting enough rest.  And once we get a routine down that works for both kiddos I think we’ll be sleeping all night!

The transition to being a Mommy of two littles is going much more smoothly thus far than I could have hoped.  My own dear Mommy is here helping out, which is a huge part of that!  I’m hoping that during this next week I can start easing back into some basic cooking and chores and that we can get started packing up the house for our move!  So much to do!!

But for the moment I am just enjoying my precious son.  <3


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