(Sham)Poo Free… Week 1

Knowing my own body, I do anticipate that there’s a possibility I may be fertile again sometime soon.  My last two pregnancies I have endured a terrible rash called Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (also known as PUPPPS).  Sounds fun right?  Not.  It is a condition that is connected to the liver, probably the extra load on the liver during pregnancy becomes a little much and so this lovely rash appears and sticks around until you deliver.  (Or in my case it gets worse after you deliver…)  Many doctors will tell you that there is no cure for PUPPPS except delivery.  Indeed, this rash can be so painful and unlivable that doctors will even induce labor early for women who have a particularly aggressive case.  As you can imagine, this added discomfort and stress (not to mention the overload on mamas liver) is not good for baby any more than it’s good for mommy.

But there is good news!  There is a cure for PUPPPS!  The bad news?  You can’t use it while pregnant.  Many women can successfully eradicate PUPPPS with a regimen of daily dandelion root or milk thistle supplements or teas.  These are powerful, natural detoxing agents that will take care of whatever it is that is causing your liver undue stress.  The problem with this cure, however, is that detoxing while pregnant is not safe.  When eradicating toxins from your body, these toxins are released from their relatively safe holding places (like your liver) and transferred into the blood stream so they can be removed from your system.  This is a necessary step, but it can be dangerous transporting these toxins from their holding places.  It is dangerous especially if you have a baby inside you that is sharing your blood supply!  We do not want these toxins making their way to baby, so unfortunately, it is best for them to stay put while you are pregnant.

The moral to this story?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I hope anyway.  My theory was that if I detox my liver before I get pregnant, maybe my body will be in a better place to handle the demands of pregnancy and I will not need to endure that terrible rash in the next round of baby growing.  Even though I am still nursing, I decided a little detox was going to be overall better for all of us than no detox for the rest of my childbearing years.  So… I am gently and slowly working through flushing out my liver of toxins.  I started last week with a few simple things, one of which is limiting my contact with chemicals and household cleaners or beauty products that have chemical ingredients.

I am still tweaking my recipes for things like toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, carpet cleaner, etc.  But the one I wanted to discuss today was shampoo.  I am ditching it!  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but have put it off.  I just never wanted to go through the transition phase.  You see, shampoo is really not great for your hair.  It chemically strips your luscious locks of their natural oils.  Your hair knows this and, defiantly, begins producing even more oil to combat the shampoo.  The result?  A vicious cycle where the more shampoo you use the more oil your hair produces and… the more shampoo you have to use.  The cure for that is quite simple.  Stop using shampoo!  Wash your hair with baking soda or an egg (yes really) or water, you know something that does not force the natural oil out of your scalp.


Unfortunately, your body does not respond immediately, and it has gotten used to creating all that excess oil.  It will take a while before it realizes it doesn’t need that much anymore.  And in the meantime you are stuck with hair that is excessively oily.  Yuck.  But there is really nothing you can do other than wait out this period of re-stabilizing your hair’s oil production.  It can take weeks… or months.  I am hoping mine is on the weeks side.  I will update for you again next week, but right now my hair is just downright oily.  I do like the way it feels after washing it with baking soda (shampoo replacement) and rinsing with vinegar (conditioner replacement).  I know it will be lovely when it remembers how to balance its own oils, I just hope it figures that out sooner rather than later!

Above is my week one hair picture.  Let’s hope next week’s picture is a little less oily.  Although you will notice, the bottom of my hair is not oily at all.  That’s because the oil production is all at the scalp, so the last place that gets the oils is the bottom of the hair.  At the beginning of the week ALL of my hair was oily.  I suppose this is a little progress already.  Right?


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