First Haircut!

Ok so it’s not literally the first time his hair has ever been cut… but it is the first time it’s ever been cut with love and attentiveness, for more than just practicality’s sake.  It is the first time he’s ever gotten to look at pictures in a book and pick his very own haircut, or the first time he’s gotten to sit in a fun swivel chair with a little booster on it.  It is the first time he’s had a Mommy to wipe those annoying hairs off of his face for him, or that he’s watched the strange ladies put tinfoil on their heads.  It is the first time he’s had a room full of ladies gush about how cute and handsome his new hair is.  And, most importantly, it’s the first time he’s gotten to eat a sucker and go to the playground afterward.

So I don’t know… I guess for all intents and purposes… it really was his first haircut.  And I had to document it, of course.

Going to miss that fluffy hair!  Although I know he won’t with the way the heat has been lately…

photo (18)

So hard to sit still… it tickles!

photo 5 (1)

My handsome prince. <3

photo 4 (1)

Someone else got a new haircut for the big weekend too!

photo 3 (3)

CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!  Had to take pictures for Stephen as well.  Not his first haircut, but the first time with the clippers!  He laughed hysterically.

photo 2 (3)

And Mommy hates it… he’s not allowed to look this grown up.  Can we get that reversed please?  Ahem….

photo 1 (3)

And as much as he looks like he hates it, I think he mostly hated all the hair in his eyes.  Poor kid was definitely ready to be out of that chair.  And yes I did cut his bangs properly when we got home, because when I asked her to fix Jacob’s bangs she just cut them shorter and more crooked instead of cutting the one little patch she missed.  So I just let those stragglers go, but they’re gone now.  :)

And so am I.  Have a good night!

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