DAP Appointment

Today was our DAP appointment!  We were able to see Juri’s file and we go back tomorrow to pick up his referral!  After we get that we will pack up all our things and take the overnight train to the city where his orphanage is.  We are super excited!  We learned a little new information about our guy, but nothing surprising and it was quite brief.  We will get a much more detailed report of medical and social information at his orphanage.

We also finally found something to transfer our pictures!  So here are a few you can enjoy from the trip so far…

A quick family photo before our first flight to Chicago.


She looks like a pro traveller already!  With her nook books and her juice.  Yes, I was watching that like a hawk…


Stephen’s preferred way to pass the time.


This was on our cross-Atlantic flight where we had the free TVs!  He is learning how to enjoy the joy of sound through headphones.



This is the playground we took advantage of for our stir crazy kids in between flights.



Our very first apartment building! :)


The view from our apartment window.  You can see the Victory Monument on the left-hand side.



And this is how the kids spent their morning after partying through the night.  I call it, the jet lag hangover.



Evangeline sitting on the steps outside the church near the DAP office as we waited for our appointment.




The Matryoshka doll key chain one of the friendly street vendors gave each of the kids.IMG_0125

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