Heyllo! And welcome to my blog!

As you can see by the title I am a Crunchy Lutheran Mommy… so instead of writing one introductory post about who I am and what this blog is all about, I thought I would write three :)

For my first post, let me start with the crunchy.  What does crunchy mean anyway?  Crunchy is a term I have come across to denote the “back to nature” movement.  My parents lovingly refer to me as a hippy… however, I prefer crunchy.  What sort of things do I do that are crunchy?  Well, home birth, elimination communication, natural immune system development, baby-led weaning, baby wearing and home-made laundry detergent, just to name a few!  I love discussing these topics and sharing ideas.  I have also been quite blessed to learn about most of them from fellow bloggers.  It is one of the reasons I have felt motivated to start my own!

Bloggers, in fact, are the social phenomenon of our day that plugged me in to the world of crunchy goodness.  And am I ever-so grateful!

You see, it all started when my dear husband, Jake, and I were courting and I was first considering the idea of having a big family (not there yet, but we’re workin’ on it!  😉  I did what any curious 21st century gal would do… I googled it.  And lo and behold what did I find but blogs!  Wonderful blogs of families with more children than most people hope to have grandchildren.  I was fascinated!  I could not read enough about these endearing people; I took in every tidbit of advice I could about how to raise that many people under one roof.  And what I quickly noticed about these wonderful people was that they had wonderful ideas!  And many of them were, you guessed it, crunchy ideas.

The first outlandish, yet intriguing, idea that caught my attention was home birth.  Yes, Kim from, had her babies at home!!  What a most ridiculous thing, I thought to myself, babies are born at hospitals, not in living rooms!  But my curiosity had been tickled and I began a researching campaign, as I have been known to do.  After all, certain immodisties of the hosptial birth scene had always been discomforting to me, so perhaps there was some merit to it.  As I looked deeper into the subject I quickly realized I had been captivated and won over by the natural birth side of the debate, and I began to wonder… what else am I missing?

Ever since I have been devouring everything I can on homemaking and raising children as naturally as possible.  After all nature was created by our perfect God who deemed that it was GOOD!  Can we really with our technology and chemicals and additives and methods improve upon what God has declared to be good?  I think not.  Now, I have to be careful here, because first of all I am blogging on some quite advanced technology that I believe can be a great blessing!  But, when it comes to the fundamentals of how we live, I think we need to get back to the pure basics of the matter.

My line of thought is fairly simple and boils down to this: We should live how God originally created us to live, naturally.  I have two clauses that I add when I believe this should not be the case:

1. This should not be the case when confronted with the falleness of our nature and of creation itself.  For example, I believe that women can and should birth naturally, and can safely do so without manmade interventions or procedures.  However, because death has entered the world natural processes in life can sometimes go awry, if during the course of the pregnancy or labor, things veer off the natural, intended course that God created, doctors and manmade interventions can and should be used with great potential benefit.  God has given us creative intelligence and we can use it to dilute and stave off the consequences of our fallen creation.  However, when things are going along their originally intended path, they are good, designed by God and cannot be enhanced, but will only be hindered by our intervention.

2. This also cannot be the case when discussing activities or objects not found in nature.  For example: I might say that technology should not interfere with childbirth, however, it would be rather silly of me to claim that technology should not interfere with blogging.  Blogging is a manmade activity that utilizes manmade resources.  We have been given the ability to imagine and build and enjoy those things that we make.  This is a gift from God, and should be utilized with good stewardship in regards to the creation we have been given to enjoy.

Thank you for checking out Crunchy Lutheran Mommy!  I hope you will come again!

Blessings in Christ,



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