Oldies but Goodies

I have a few posts in the works to start off my new blogging adventure, but in the meantime check out some of these old favorites that I have moved over!

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I’m Back!

After quite the hiatus I am back and ready to start blogging once more!  I am very excited about my new blog and can’t wait to start rebuilding my readership community.  I am planning on blogging about all the usual stuff, natural living, Christian living, motherhood and all the fun little odds and ends in between.  Please connect with us!  I now have a Facebook page where you can get all our new posts, join in fun discussion, learn about any giveaways that come up and request topics for me to cover on the blog!

I am also on Twitter and Pinterest (still learning how to navigate those) or you can just email me using the little envelope button on the top right hand of the screen.  Looking forward to getting reacquainted with my internet community and “meeting” lots more of you!  I am still working on transferring all of my old posts over to this site, so I will let you know as those trickle in.

My husband is finishing up his last year at the seminary in the next two weeks, at which point we will start our move and he will be ordained and installed (God willing).  So many new changes and exciting things happening.  I can’t wait to blog about all of them!  While you’re waiting for more feel free to check out a few posts that I have already moved over:

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In the spirit of doing what I say I’m going to do…

So, at the beginning of the year I posted all of my resolutions and promised that I’d keep you updated on the progress.  Umm… sorry about that.  So, in the spirit of doing what I say I’m going to do – here’s an update!
  1. Post a Series on Headcoverings… Haha… haha… ha. Ahem.  I have been working on this just about as often as I’ve been working on my other blog posts… if that tells you anything…  Although, I did read a wonderful blog post on the topic recently which I would highly recommend: http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/headcoverings.aspx  There, now you have something thoughtful to read while I drag my feet.  I do feel better, thank you for asking :)
  2. Clean the Kitchen and do the laundry – Every Day… Actually, progress in this resolution is the reason why I’m blogging today!  I finally got myself into a routine after the craziness of March.  I have a loose schedule I have been working from this week and it’s going very well!  Today is the second day in the row I’ve done EVERYTHING I planned to do – and I have some free time left over to blog!  Routines are a beautiful thing…  And, in case you were wondering, yes I did fold the laundry before I sat down to type :)
  3. Do Homeschool with Evangeline… Yeah, that went out the window for a few months.  Hopefully she’s not too terribly behind her peers now 😉  I have missed it though, and I am so glad we are restarting it now.  She turned two on the 31st (my baby is growing up!! And yes I still need to post about that!!) so we are starting a new school routine for her that’s a little more advanced.  I can’t wait to share with you!  We are only doing a few things at the moment – not the full-blown school day.  I knew I needed to start slow in order to make it successful.  So I picked out the things that were most important to me, and we’ve been doing very well with those!  I will put it on my list of things to blog about soon.
  4. Have a Baby… Steadily making good progress here!  Baby is very healthy, kicking lots and had a strong heartbeat at our midwife appointment last week.  My placenta is also very healthy and very loud!  We changed my due date from July 25th to July 20th because I am measuring about 3.5 weeks ahead.  We only moved it up one week, but my midwife said not to be surprised if I go one or two weeks earlier than that!
  5. Drink More Water… We haven’t been doing as well in this area as I would like.  Fortunately, my heartburn has forced me to be drinking lime water throughout the day – so I have been very hydrated the last few days.  I was eating tums like candy, and then my midwife told me since your body doesn’t actually absorb the calcium from tums (I know, what’s the point, right?!) it all goes into the placenta which deadens and calcifies parts of it.  Hmm… not good… no more tums for me.  Bring on the lime water!
  6. Eat Healthier… Although I haven’t kept you updated, we were doing great on our healthier grains resolution.  Until a couple weeks ago, and then we lost our resolve.  But we are back on the wagon again, mostly, and officially free of improperly prepared grains in our home.  It’s a real challenge making everything from scratch, but so worth it!  I wrote up a weekly and monthly “chore” list for cooking and baking so that we won’t run out of food.  Now that we’re in a more regular routine it actually hasn’t been too overwhelming!  This is something else on my blogging list; I need to update you on all the new recipes and ways of eating we’re trying out!
  7. Memorize Scripture… Thankfully, this is one resolution that we are still keeping!  I’ll admit, we got out of the routine the last couple of months and had a few days of really cramming to get in our memory work – but we’re doing it!  We have Matthew 3, 1 Corinthians 1 and 1 Corinthians 5 memorized and we will be starting on Matthew 4 for April!  I will have to write on our memory program so you all know how we’re doing it!  We have already seen benefits of memorizing Scripture together, and we are very much enjoying it.  Evie loves it too!  She will regularly ask for “bible zerses”, which means she wants to recite the passages with us!  She actually does try and say them with us, her favorite phrase is “grace to you and peace”.  Super cute…  And often times at night she will crawl into daddy’s arms and ask him to say bible verses.  For no other reason – it’s worth it.
  8. Add More Resolutions… Haha… yeah… we’ll work on that later.  Although we really should start packing….

Old Years Resolutions

I suppose it seems sort of boring, but I am rather relieved not to have New Years Resolutions for 2012.  New resolutions are so exhausting!  They take a lot of time consuming effort, thought, planning, preparation (well at least for my meticulous schedule-chart-list happy self).  You see, if I’m going to resolve to do something better in my life I am going to make sure I have a plan of attack… I don’t always follow through with my plan, but at least I have one!

So yes, I am glad I don’t have any new resolutions this January.  It’s not that I don’t want to work on anything this year, quite the contrary; I have lots to do.  It’s just that all of my resolutions this year are hand-me-downs from last year.  That means all the charting and planning is done and now it’s just time to implement (or continue implementing) what I have already been doing or planning on doing for quite some time now.

And since you are my dear bloggy friends you get to follow along in all my escapades as I try to accomplish the goals I have set for myself and those we have set as a family.  I will keep you up-to-date over the coming year on how all of my Old Years Resolutions are progressing.  What old resolutions are you recycling from 2011?  Here are mine:

Old Years Resolutions

  1. Post a Series on Headcoverings… So I think that about a year ago I said I would try and get this series up last January.  It never happened.  I have had requests for such a series and I really haven’t forgotten about it!  In fact, I have a Word document that’s currently 12 pages long dedicated to this very topic.  It’s taking such a long time because I am not a Greek scholar and I want to be very careful with my exegesis of the 1 Corinthians text in order to do this topic justice.  So, I plan to finish it sometime this year and begin that series, just please know I haven’t forgotten about my promise!
  2. Clean the Kitchen and do the laundry – Every Day… Sad that this needs to actually be a goal for me to get it done isn’t it?  Well, that’s just the reality of it all.  And I tell you it was going great until November and the Holidays rolled around!  But last Autumn, after a few months of a slightly less chaotic house, I realized that these daily chores were, in fact, doable and also quite helpful.  I hope I can have another good streak starting now!
  3. Do Homeschool with Evangeline… I posted before about Evie’s Baby School.  It was going wonderfully for a while (about the same time my kitchen and laundry chores were going well, hmm…)  When we have several little things to do together during the day there is more of a routine and Evie and I are both so much more relaxed.  I definitely want that routine back now that she’s become an eating machine; seriously, every other minute it’s “Eat?”  Sigh…  Hopefully if we have scheduled meals and snacks and fun activities to do in between it will be a better situation than staring at the pantry every ten minutes wondering what else in the world I have to feed her.
  4. Have a Baby… Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that one.  I’m thinking Julyish is my goal for completing this resolution.  😀
  5. Drink More Water… Drinking water is GREAT.  Seriously, I don’t do this often enough.  We were doing wonderful for a while, but now our chapped lips and dry skin are back.  No longer!  Starting tomorrow I am re-implementing the water rules (no juice, tea or soda until you’ve had at least half your intake of water for the day) that were so helpful in the beginning.  Hmm, I don’t know if I told Jake that yet; he’ll probably want to know…
  6. Eat Healthier… Yes, this was the main goal that “drink more water” actually falls under.  We didn’t really get a good start on it last year, but now we are ready to take that plunge.  We will be beginning our new diet by eating healthier grains.  This week we are working on oats and we will work through beans, wheat, rice, nuts, corn and all those great things.  Stay tuned to learn how to make grains healthy; this should be an interesting challenge!
  7. Memorize Scripture… This is something that has been in the works for over a year now.  My desire to hide more of God’s Word in my heart has been long lived.  We have tried a couple times before doing this as a couple, but I have perfected the plan and the scheduling of it.  (Haha… yeah right, but at least I think I have a workable program now.)  We have been prepping ourselves to begin for a few months, so I think we’re mentally up to the task.  I will write a more detailed post about this later, but suffice it to say that we are starting off with memorizing Matthew 3 this month.  Yup… all 17 verses.
  8. Add More Resolutions… After we have all these well in progress I hope to continue adding to my list.  There are so many things I want to improve on in my life, and these are just a few.  I realize I can’t change everything at once, and you’ve got to start somewhere, but I hope to move on to make more changes as the year progresses!


And that’s about all!  I hope you keep coming back as I will be blogging about all of these resolutions in the weeks and months to come.  Blessings on your New Year!


This last descriptive word I have chosen to use for myself is absolutely the dearest to my heart. It uncovers the dreams I’ve had since I was a little girl and boasts of what I consider to be the greatest accomplishment of my life… obtaining the honored title of Mommy.

As I write this post I am, honestly, a little worn out, so please excuse the typos :)  It’s been a whirlwind of a morning with my precious bundle of joy. I think she’s starting to teeth again so we have the slobbery, fussy, refuses-to-sleep, impossible-to-please baby that I recall from last month when her first two teeth came in, rather than the placid, cuddly, giggly baby she usually is. But just a few minutes ago I laid her on my chest and sang her her favorite lullaby and she gave in and nursed herself to sleep. It’s moments like that, the precious moments that follow the frustrating, difficult times that leave me speechless with joy that God allowed me to be her Mommy.

But where on Earth are my manners?! I have not even introduced you yet to my precious little bundle. Friends: This is Evangeline NellieMae, my most perfect (except for all the sin of course) little girl, and the person with whom I spend just about all of my time.

Evangeline at 5 monthsIsn’t she absolutely darling?! And that’s not even in person! She’s sitting right next to me and I’m so mesmerized by her that it’s taking me twice as long to write this post. I could go on endlessly about Evie, seeing as how she is the cutest baby of all time. (FYI: This is coming not from me but from a completely unbiased source, her grandfather.) However, I have chosen not to persist because I truly do want my loyal readers to continue frequenting my posts.

What do you mean I can’t have loyal readers after three posts? Who makes the rules in this place anyway? In all seriousness though, mommyhood… it’s a beautiful thing. And there’s a lot to talk about concerning mommyhood besides the fact that I have the most awesome baby. Culturally, and in our society, I believe, we have a lot of falsities and misconceptions about parenthood in general and I feel obligated to at least open the lines of discussion. In this post? Oh no no… of course not. I’m going to make you come back another time for that! But I will give you the bottom line: Babies are gifts from God. And, as Mother Theresa would affirm: Saying we need less babies is like saying the world needs less flowers. Blessings! Dalas

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