My Little Health Nut

I have finally found my crunchy buddy.  She is sweet. And adorable.  And little.  And she is a huge health nut!


This is the kind of picture Mommy takes when you refuse to smile for me. One day you’ll figure it out. ;)

Kyrie is starting to eat solids pretty regularly now (yes just starting).  Before she would nibble a little here and there but she wasn’t consuming much of anything.  She ate more for curiosity than for hunger and more for fun than necessity.  My babies nurse a lot.  For a long time… for those of you who haven’t figured that out already 😉

In any case, she was very grumpy after missing lunch today until I found her some food.  Yay for new milestones! And now that she is eating at pretty much every meal, I am quite pleased with the choices she has begun making at the table.  And also a little shocked.  She loves cucumbers, apples, bananas, green beans, blueberries, broccoli, celery and just about any kind of meat.  She is also a huge fan of cheese and split pea soup.  This month has been a wee bit stressful, so I haven’t been encouraging her good habits at all… I have been more of an appeasing parent.  If the baby’s crying, offer a cookie.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Well, apparently not, because usually she will refuse the cookie.  Or she will accept it and just hold it for a while until something better comes along – a nice juicy carrot for example.  She isn’t much interested in bread or cereal, with the one exception of rice krispies, but the cocoa puffs were totally a no go…  And she will steal vegetables from any adult who is eating anything resembling a salad.

I’m a little confused, because despite my attempts at endearing my children toward healthy choices at this age, I have mostly failed in doing that until they were a bit older.  And yet here comes along Kyrie, for whom I had not tried at all, and she has just decided for herself that she would rather eat the veggies than most anything else.  Perhaps I have finally found a little health nut to join me on my crusade!

If nothing else she is motivation for me.  I want her to keep loving those foods, and it helps me stay on track with eating well knowing that if she sees me with those things, she’ll continue wanting them too.  Today is Day 6 for me of another Whole30 round.  I did the Whole30 three years ago and had great results.  And even though I have an autoimmune condition now and the dietary recommendations for autoimmunity are generally much stricter than a basic Whole30, I knew I needed to start somewhere.  And this month I certainly didn’t have the time to do anything stricter than this.

I’ve been a little surprised at how much it’s helping anyway, even though I haven’t taken out the typical autoimmune culprits (like nightshades, nuts or citrus) or my own food sensitivities like bananas, eggs and avocado.  I already can see the inflammation going down, my face is less puffy and my clothes are fitting better.  I have not had a migraine since I started, which is an awesome improvement, because I wasn’t going more than a day or two without one for the last few months.  I think that’s in part due to my increase in appetite, since my migraines were caused by not eating often enough.  But I have a much healthier appetite now, which is hugely helpful.

I have only had a couple headaches and dips in mood, but they didn’t last very long and were quite manageable.  So overall I’m feeling very optimistic and hopeful.  And I’m just praying that my lab work coming up confirms what I’m feeling! Tomorrow we start therapy again, woohoo!  And I will have some exciting (well exciting to me anyway haha) updates on both of the kiddos to share.

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