Here’s Where We’re At

I was very pleasantly surprised that Hope was not at all sedated during our visit today.  Looking back through my notes (and guessing from today’s demeanor) I think we must have been off on the schedule.  In any case, we were so happy to have a great visit with her today!  She was smiley, laughing and alert, although I noticed she was a tiny bit more agitated than usual.  We saw some stimming behaviors which we haven’t seen in a while.  But other than that she did great.

At 4:00am tomorrow morning we are leaving on the train to head back to Juri’s region.  Apparently this is the busy train season, so they were having difficulty finding us a compartment together… thus the early morning departure.  Hopefully the children will be able to go back to sleep once on the train, or we might have a very, very long Sunday.

Since we’re at another crossroads in our journey I thought now would be a great time to outline for you what everything looks like from here on out so we all have an idea of what’s coming next.  On Monday we have court for Juri and will be officially made his parents (God willing).  Later in the week we will travel back to Hope’s city to have court for her and become her parents.  Adopting from two different regions is a lot of travelling back and forth if you hadn’t noticed.

IMG_0565After we have court for Hope we will go back to Juri’s city to wait for Gotcha Day.  (That will be three overnight train rides in about a week, fun times right?)  There is a ten day waiting period between the court decree being issued and our possession of it.  This is so that if anyone wants to dispute the judge’s decision they have time to file an appeal.  That usually never happens, but we still do have to wait.  Right around July 4th weekend our wait will be over and we will be able to start collecting all of Juri’s paperwork in order to take custody.  (My mom will be here for that, woohoo!)  Once that’s all done and we have Gotcha Day the six of us (six including Grammy) will go back to Kharkiv to pick up Hope.

We are hoping to leave the country as soon as possible once we have custody of her so that we can get her admitted to the hospital quickly for observation while we increase her caloric intake.  So we’ll hop a train straight to Kiev, get the children’s medicals done and complete all our paperwork and get approval for them to enter the US and become citizens!

So much to do so little time!  Please keep praying for our family!  Our fundraiser is still making progress we are officially into the triple digits with only 868 miles left to go!  And once we meet that I will be able to tell you all Juri’s new name!  I am dying to spill the beans people!  If you’d like to help us out you can make give a tax free donation to our family here.

And just as a side note, since we are asking ya’ll for money and posted our really fun trip to Gorky Park yesterday I thought I would just clarify quickly.  That sort of a fun outing could have easily cost us $100 or more in the U.S. but we didn’t even spend $12.00 on all the rides we took!  Prices are a tiny bit different here :)  We were given money from some close family friends before leaving specifically dedicated to ice cream and helping the kids have a good time while we were here.  So we have a small “fun fund” that we are required to utilize.  😉  We just didn’t want everyone to think that we were misappropriating the generous gifts we have been given or being frivolous with our spending while appearing to be in need.  Transparency is best, right?

Haha ok… enough about money, that’s like my least favorite blogging topic!  Please pray for Hope’s heart as we leave her for a few days, Juri’s heart as we go to see him again for the first time in over two weeks, and that God would give us a supernatural amount of rest with only the few hours of sleep we are getting tonight!  Love you all, thank so much for being a part of our children’s journey home.

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