Wait… Where did that week go?

It’s been a week since I’ve posted?  Already?!  Oops… sorry.  I must have lost that week; I do not know where it went!  There has been a lot going on, so I’ll fill you in with the details.  As far as the adoption is going – stressful!  I have not been sleeping well and to add insult to injury, my children have not been sleeping well either.  There is some mild virus going around, Evangeline and I have been generally malaised the last couple of days which is killer for any motivation to get anything done.  We have been running errands like crazy.  Yesterday all four of us went to the chiropractor – totally needed it, but there goes the morning!  Today we went to go get our passports and fingerprinting done for the adoption and I still have a ton of paperwork to do…

On the fundraising front, I am having two Thirty-One parties in September.  One is being hosted by my lovely mother and my wonderful aunt, the other is being hosted by my sister.  So if there is anyone local to the Illinois/St. Louis area you should stop by!  I get 25% of commission on all orders, and that will all be going (of course) to the adoption!  So hop on over and check it out if you’d like: https://www.mythirtyone.com/thecup/  I will have that fundraising post up for you tomorrow too!  I am also putting together an email list for our adoption newsletter.  September’s edition goes out this weekend, so if you want one let me know!

On the hair front.  Can you say poo-ey?  I have really tried every which way of washing my hair without shampoo and I am continually disappointed.  A reader told me that the vinegar actually makes oiliness worse (oh great…) so I tried JUST baking soda and no rinse.  My hair was so oily and I was so sick of it that I probably went a little overboard on the amount.  The top of my head? Not oily!  The middle?  Where I wasn’t as thorough?  Ugh… as awful as ever.  So for a few days I had Neopolitan style hair, the top was dry and felt terrible (baking soda is apparently NOT nice to your hair) and the bottom was more or less typical.

Then I read this post about pH levels and the yo-yo effects of baking soda/vinegar.  I don’t know, maybe I just don’t have the amounts worked out, maybe I’m just not good at this yet.  But I have tried several different ways of doing it, and when I use either or both of these on my hair… the results are less than dreamy.  So, I tried this blogger’s suggestion of honey.   My hair felt weird… and still oily.  No thanks honey shampoo.  Then I thought to myself, well what if I put all three together?  So I did baking soda, a quick (less than 30 second)  vinegar rinse and THEN I did honey afterwards to try and balance the pH.  Eh… no change.

After so many tries, I eventually began to give up.  My hair was feeling worse after washing than before, and it seemed it was doing a better job of regulating oils if I just left it alone. So that’s what I did for a few days.  It was much less oily than at first, but still not nearly nice enough to wear in any way other than up in an attempt to hide as much of it as possible.  Then today it happened… I needed my hair to look nice.  We were taking passport pictures after all.  So I began to reason with myself… My hair had seemed to regulate itself.  It wasn’t pouring gobs of oil out onto my head every day anymore.  Maybe it just needed a last little push and then it would be ok?

So I did it.  I buckled… I used shampoo.  Not any shampoo, of course.  I used my daughter’s baby shampoo, all natural, organic, non-stripping shampoo.  She only uses it when she really makes a mess of her hair that I can’t get out with water and a comb.  You would be really surprised what kind of food can come out with just some water and a comb!  Needless to say, it’s less than once a month that she needs it, and her hair is never oily.  If it does get a bit excess of oil (usually after waking up in the morning) it is back to it’s shiny, happy, bouncy self after brushing it through a few times.  No bath necessary.

So, back to my story, I used it.  And guess what?  Shock and surprise!  My hair felt marvelous.  It feels soft and smooth and healthy.  It is not oily in any way and I am just so glad for the break from drudgery!  My sincere hope is that my hair has more or less started regulating itself, and that it will continue to do that.  If my hair stays good over the next few days, I think I’ll be set.  I am feeling pretty optimistic as, over the last week, my hair never became more oily for not washing it.  It just never got less oily.  Here’s to hoping!

In the meantime, I have kiddos to go chase.  Enjoy your weekend and stop by tomorrow for a Fundraiser Q&A!

Facebook Fast: Day 3

I guess some days you just don’t get anything done no matter how little you get on Facebook! Having two kids will do that I suppose…

I am not having too much trouble missing Facebook. It’s actually quite liberating. I only had once today where I really wanted to check it, but I got over it pretty quickly. I am finding other ways to waste my time online… adoption blogs… hmm… I think I will need a little bit more than just blocking Facebook to keep myself accountable for my online time.

The internet is a great tool, and the goal is to make sure it STAYS a tool, rather than me being a slave to it. That is what I don’t want! I will do a more detailed update tomorrow. It’s late… and way past my bedtime.


Facebook Fast: Day 2

Start Here for Day 1

I have to admit – this hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be!  The worst part of the day is the morning and the evening, which is actually very telling and a little sad.  I always feel like I should begin and end my day with Facebook.  I know, pitiful right?  I wake up and I want to make sure nothing new has happened, and I want to double check nothing is going on before I go to sleep.  Ugh…

We have been talking about how to reorient our Facebooking after this short fast, and I think one thing we will have to do is definitely block it in the morning and at night!  Something that fuels the Facebook addiction is “I just want to check one more time…”  That news feed is awful!  You feel the need to constantly keep up with it because – WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING?!

What you don’t think about is what you’re missing right in front of you, while you’re trying not to miss everything that is so far away.  It’s not that it’s bad or wrong to keep up with friends and family who do not live near you; that’s one of the great blessings of the internet!  But when your day can’t feel complete without that, there’s something a little out of sync.  (It’s called priorities.)

I want other things to be what make my day feel complete.  I want to wake up and feel the urge to pray, to connect with God – not with my cyber world.  I want to go to bed every night and be sure I didn’t miss out on precious family time.  I want to not miss ONE THING while my children grow up.  And you know what?  I think trying so hard not to miss anything in anyone’s life has caused me to miss out on the lives of those closest to me.

It’s time to shift gears and realign my priorities.  Cause they’re just a little out of sync.

Evie and Cross

Facebook Fast: Day 1



So… my very dear husband has convinced me to join him in a week long Facebook Fast, a cybernating of sorts, if you will. I have decided to blog about our experience. How was Day 1? Let me paint you a picture…

Instead of logging onto Facebook as soon as I woke up… I made my dear hubby and I some hot tea to enjoy while we worked.

Instead of checking Facebook when I was done working… I sang a hymn and said morning prayers with my daughter we she woke up.

Instead of checking Facebook after breakfast… I read children’s Catechism books to Evangeline.

Instead of spending more time on Facebook after hubby left for school… I put away the clean laundry and dishes.

Instead of staring at the computer screen… I gazed into my son’s eyes.

Instead of scrolling through my newsfeed… I unpacked a much needed winter clothes box.

And your favorite of all… instead of using my nursing breaks for Facebook updates I wrote this nifty blog post.

In short, we got a lot more of life done and a lot less of living vicariously through my computer screen. At the same time I loved it and I hated it. I will admit – I do feel disconnected; I’m a little worried I’m missing something important. And I have no idea what’s going on in the news… I will expand a bit more tomorrow, but I thought I’d leave a mostly positive note for Day 1. Perhaps it will be motivation to keep going. Have you ever thought of giving up Facebook? I’d love to hear your experiences! Especially since I am currently deprived of my social media outlet…

What a Week!

I am exhausted!  In a good way though; it has been a crazy week for us, but it’s been a good one!  School is just getting in the swing of things and I’m trying to find my groove at home.  I haven’t been able to just stay at home all day since Evangeline was born, so it has been a good change of pace.  But it’s so much different now with a baby!  Who knew babies took so much time and energy? 😛

In any case, I’ve managed to get some things done, although you might not believe me if you took a look at my house right now… hmm… But honestly, it was a productive week for having a sick baby!  First and most importantly I finally cured baby girl’s diaper rash which lasted for a very long time and had gotten pretty awful.  I tried everything to help it go away; finally we just had to spend a day without diapers and that gave it the air it needed to start clearing up.  I only really had one big clean up after an accident, so I consider that to have been a good day!

It also helps that we have already started loosely working on elimination communication (ECing or infant potty training) with her the last few weeks, so she almost never poops in her diaper anymore!  We have a cute little potty she sits on and she just goes!  How adorable is that?  Ok… so there could be more adorable things… but babies with no diapers are certainly cuter when you know they’re not going to poop on you :)

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, I started up my new blog last week.  Which has been loads of fun!  It could get addicting; I must be careful.  And last but not least I officially launched my new home business!!  It was perfect timing as the seminary had showcase for businesses, talents, crafts, etc. that seminary families can share and thus support each other.  It was a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to my chocolate tasting next week!  Feel free to join us if you can; it will be at my house on Tuesday evening; call if you need directions.  The more the merrier!

cute-hatOh!  And before I forget my Mom is in Germany!!! She just got there yesterday and they’re already sightseeing!  She’s there with my grandma and my aunt to see the live Passion play that happens only once every ten years.  An entire town puts it on!  How neat is that?

There she is on the right… isn’t she cute?!  I love that hat!  Perhaps later this week I will post some more of her pictures.  Germany is absolutely beautiful!  I told Jake he had to take me one day :)  Isn’t it cool that with technology I already have pictures of the places my mom went to today??

Anywho, I should probably go do the dishes or something.  Remember what I said about my house?  Yeah, I need to fix that… thanks for stopping in!  And if anyone is interested in donating to my Germany fund let me know 😛

Auf Wiedersehen!



This last descriptive word I have chosen to use for myself is absolutely the dearest to my heart. It uncovers the dreams I’ve had since I was a little girl and boasts of what I consider to be the greatest accomplishment of my life… obtaining the honored title of Mommy.

As I write this post I am, honestly, a little worn out, so please excuse the typos :)  It’s been a whirlwind of a morning with my precious bundle of joy. I think she’s starting to teeth again so we have the slobbery, fussy, refuses-to-sleep, impossible-to-please baby that I recall from last month when her first two teeth came in, rather than the placid, cuddly, giggly baby she usually is. But just a few minutes ago I laid her on my chest and sang her her favorite lullaby and she gave in and nursed herself to sleep. It’s moments like that, the precious moments that follow the frustrating, difficult times that leave me speechless with joy that God allowed me to be her Mommy.

But where on Earth are my manners?! I have not even introduced you yet to my precious little bundle. Friends: This is Evangeline NellieMae, my most perfect (except for all the sin of course) little girl, and the person with whom I spend just about all of my time.

Evangeline at 5 monthsIsn’t she absolutely darling?! And that’s not even in person! She’s sitting right next to me and I’m so mesmerized by her that it’s taking me twice as long to write this post. I could go on endlessly about Evie, seeing as how she is the cutest baby of all time. (FYI: This is coming not from me but from a completely unbiased source, her grandfather.) However, I have chosen not to persist because I truly do want my loyal readers to continue frequenting my posts.

What do you mean I can’t have loyal readers after three posts? Who makes the rules in this place anyway? In all seriousness though, mommyhood… it’s a beautiful thing. And there’s a lot to talk about concerning mommyhood besides the fact that I have the most awesome baby. Culturally, and in our society, I believe, we have a lot of falsities and misconceptions about parenthood in general and I feel obligated to at least open the lines of discussion. In this post? Oh no no… of course not. I’m going to make you come back another time for that! But I will give you the bottom line: Babies are gifts from God. And, as Mother Theresa would affirm: Saying we need less babies is like saying the world needs less flowers. Blessings! Dalas

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