Where are we at now?

Right now we are just at the very beginning stages of the process.  On August 8th we emailed Reece’s Rainbow and made a verbal commitment to Juri.  This has  no legal binding in his country; we will not receive an actual referral for him until we get there.  But the grant organization where we found Juri has placed him on hold for us, so that others who use their website know we are in process to go get him!  We will be working very closely with Reece’s Rainbow over the next several months, as they have gotten us in touch with our facilitator and will be helping us prepare our Dossier.

On August 19th we received word that our formal homestudy application was approved and that our agency would, in fact, do a homestudy for us!  This was awesome news and it allowed us to move forward in getting our family’s grant fund set up with Reece’s Rainbow and publicly announce our plans to adopt with the world, which we did on August 24th!  Our next step is to have our first homestudy appointment, which we have scheduled for Monday.  Please pray that all goes well!

Our Adoption Timeline

Here is a timeline of the progress we have made in our adoption and the steps we will be taking soon!  (For those who really want ALL the information.)

Homestudy and Official Commitment
Aug. 8 – Verbal Commitment Made
Aug. 19 – Homestudy Application Approved
Aug. 26 – RR Grant Fund Up and Running
Aug. 26 – 1st Homestudy Appointment
—— 2nd Homestudy Appointment
—— 3rd Homestudy Appointment
—— Homestudy Complete
USCIS & Dossier
—— Dossier Prep Started
—— USCIS Application Approved
—— Dossier Apostilled & Mailed
—— Dossier Submitted in Country
—— Received Invitation to Travel
Time in Country
—— Flights Booked to Eastern Europe
—— Arrival in Country
—— DAP Appointment
—— 1st Visit with Juri
—— Court Date
—— Gotcha Day!
—— Embassy Visit and Medical Exam
—— Flight Home…
—— Landed on U.S. Soil