Contractions Contractions Everywhere!

But not a baby in sight!  I’ve been having quite a few good contractions over the last several days, but they aren’t amounting to anything yet.  I was 37 weeks yesterday, so Baby is allowed to come any time now.  The birth tub is set up in the living room; I’m trying to get as much set up with the house as I can before real labor starts, I’m watching birth videos with the kiddos getting them ready for the birth and mostly sleeping a lot otherwise!  I have had no appetite the last few days and I’m very tired which, I believe, are both common symptoms at the end of a pregnancy.

The website is coming along and I hope to have it up and running before Baby gets here!  I won’t have all the blog posts transferred yet, that will take a bit more time.  There are lots of other happenings, but my brain can’t really focus on anything but Baby at this point!  Love you all and will keep you updated on contraction progress :)  Hey, I might even live blog the birth if my labor is long enough this time!


  1. Bertha Neumueller says:

    Awsome…can’t wait for the baby to get here.

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