All Moved In

After an utterly exhausting two weeks, we are moved into the house here.  Unpacking is going really, really slowly.  I think I’m totally out of energy at this point.  Not only is it hard to stay up and moving to get things done, but my brain is having a lot of trouble trying to process how to organize everything.  Typically I’m great at that sort of thing, but I just still feel in a fog and not back to full speed yet.

We are working on the new blog now.  Jake told me he thinks maybe we should have two blogs so that my readership doesn’t get annoyed by all his intellectual and theology-oriented stuff.  I’m not sure which way I’m leaning right now, might make up a poll for all of you and see what the preference is.  I don’t really want to manage two blogs, and I think we could separate topics well enough for people who aren’t interested in one or the other, but I also don’t want a bunch of frustrated readers trying to sort through intricate discussions on church history when all they really wanted was an update on kiddos or to have people looking for doctrinal discussions lost in a sea of cute babies.

Although… really, who could get upset about being lost in a sea of cute babies? 😀

The other reason I would rather have a family blog at this point where Jake and I both contribute is because I won’t feel the need to come up with a new name for a personal blog.  I’ve been the Crunchy Lutheran Mommy for so long I don’t have any other blog names that seem to even fit.  So, having a family blog and doing something totally new gives me a bit of an out on that one.  Is that a good enough excuse?

Anyway, thoughts appreciated.  Prayers appreciated.  Have a blessed night everyone.


  1. Happy for you and glad you are finally moved in! If I was near you I would be be more than happy to help organize! I love that kind of stuff!😊

  2. We are very happy the move has been made. The unpacking and organizing is always hard, but you will get it done. I am sure your main focus is keeping the kiddos happy. It has to have bee stressful for them too. Take your time and make sure you get the rest your body needs. God will guide you and give you strength to cope with all the changes. You will look back and wonder why you worried about it all. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  3. Would be interested in both topics.

  4. I wouldn’t mind reading his thoughts, too. :)

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