A Bright Day

Hi everyone!  Ok so really quick.  For those of you who follow my Facebook page, I posted a prayer request a few days ago because I was trying to write a post (which I’ve been honestly trying to write for months) and it just wasn’t coming.  The words I needed to say were hard words.  Really hard.  And I didn’t know exactly how to say them.

Well… ya’ll are amazing prayer warriors apparently!!  Because the next morning I woke up and my life was changed.  It sounds sensational and crazy, I know. But I have no other way of describing it.  So, if you want to hear more there’s a video on my Facebook page you can look at here. (Because I still have no idea how to post a video on my blog! Lol!)

I will be posting again soon!  And the next post will have the winner of the giveaway from a long long time ago.  Thank you all so much for your patience these last few months as my posts have dwindled.  There are some seasons of life where we need much grace, and this last year has definitely been that for me.

Looking forward to brighter days with the best people in the world who have stuck by me through it all.  I love each and every one of you, even those of you I don’t know who are reading I pray for you and love you just the same.


  1. vivienne says:

    Hi Dallas, I just listened to your video on facebook. I have walked a similar road. Our children have been home 17 months.(also from Ukraine) Please know that what I am about to say is NOT how I believe it will be for you!! For me I have felt like I am slowly becoming me again. I have had days and even weeks where I feel fabulous and then not so much for a time. However, the darkness is no longer as dark! I believed in the beginning of coming out of the darkness that I was just going back to how I was before…however, I believe that God has been showing me that I am not the same…He is changing me from glory to glory…and now the new me while feeling like the “old me” is actually a more laid down me and more filled with Him…because the original “old me” didn’t feel like the “old me” in the middle of this strong of a storm. (: Hope that made some kind of sense!!
    I wished we lived close enough to have tea together!(while my big girls watched the little ones of course!)
    I really appreciate your blog!
    be blessed, vivienne

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