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Dear readers, I am breaking my blogging hiatus a little early, albeit for a very good cause.  I have been given a unique advocating opportunity and I would love for you all to join me… so I’ve added a little incentive.  :)

As many of you know, I have a very special place in my heart for orphan care, especially for the kind of care that turns orphans into beloved sons and daughters.  I have been on this advocacy bandwagon for several years now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this:

Advocating online is a great start, but these children need much more.  Since we came home eight months ago with Jacob and Hope, I’ve had many unique opportunities to naturally talk about adoption and the plight of orphans with special needs.  And so often when I get that question “Why did you choose to adopt these children?” I wish I had an easy little card or pre-written note I could hand them telling them my whole story.

I am convinced that if most people knew what I know, that they couldn’t stand to be idle any more than I can.  The trouble is… how do we get this information to people?  And how do we do it in a way that they will understand and connect with?  How do we share these children in a way that prompts people to action rather than idleness?  Well, I have an idea, and I’ve been putting it off for quite some time… but an opportunity finally came my way and I’m jumping on it!  Ready?

***Advocacy Cards***

Love Postcard

Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s just a tiny bit of our story, but a powerful testimony nonetheless.  The best part?  I still need a child to advocate for – and I’m giving that choice away to one of my dear readers!  This is a postcard (or as I like to call it, my advocacy card) and on the back will be the picture and link to a waiting child of the winner’s choice…

Love Postcard 2

My postcards are going in my diaper bag (which goes everywhere) and I’m going to hand them out, put them in random places in town, and make sure that this child is seen.  Not just by my online circle, but by people in my sphere of influence in the “real” world.  I’m really excited about this project!  I truly believe these little cards can have a profound impact on those who happen upon them.  And I can’t wait to find out which little one is going to be featured on the back!

So advocates, here’s the challenge, and how you can win this for that waiting child who needs to be seen so that they can be found.  My challenge to you is to spread the word and to create your very own advocacy cards.  We must start advocating ourstide of social media, we must get these kiddos visibility on our towns and neighborhoods.  There are so many potential advocates and adoptive parents in the world – if they only knew.  So let’s tell them!

Follow the steps below to earn entries.  Make sure to comment on this post or on my Facebook page for EVERY ENTRY so I can can log it in.  On Easter Sunday I will draw for a winner and have the postcards made!  There is an example entry comment at the end of the post if you get confused! :)


1. Share the givewaway.  The classic social media giveaway entry – just share it!  Share on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media site you like.  Add the links to your shares in your entries comment.  The more you share the more you earn. – 1 Entry

2. Like or Comment.  I have linked to this post on the Crunchy Lutheran Mommy Facebook Page.  Get entries for liking or commenting on that thread.  This will increase the number of people who can see that post and help our challenge to spread. – 2 Entries

3. Give me some feedback!  I definitely want this to be successful.  I am putting my own time and money into this project after all!  If you have suggestions to make my advocacy card better, message me or put it in your comment on this post.  Would you pick this up if you found it?  What would encourage you to look into advocating more?  What might you write on the lines when you’re handing these out?  Hit me with all your constructive criticism! – 3 Entries

4. Join the challenge.  Finally, join me!  I would love to have other advocates jump on the band wagon.  Simply create your own post cards or business cards with a link to your waiting child and send me the print screen for your advocacy card with a pledge to get them printed and handed out in the next year.  Can’t do it right now?  That’s ok!  If you use (like I did) you can create your card, save it, and print whenever you’re ready. – 20 Entries

5. Alternative Advocacy Pledge.  Maybe advocacy cards are just not a realistic way for you to share right now.  That’s ok!  If you have another way of reaching out to your local community, and you would like to pledge to advocate that way, you are more than welcome to do that!  Let us know how you are going to advocate offline, and join us in our challenge for getting the word out to local communities about these children and their need. – 15 Entries

6. Reblog our challenge.  If you love this advocacy idea and you want to encourage your friends to join as well, reblog our challenge to your own website and give us the link. – 10 Entries

*Example Entry Comment*

I shared the giveaway on Facebook [insert link] (1)
I shared the giveaway on Twitter [insert link] (1)
I liked and commented on your Facebook post. (4)
I sent you a message with feedback on your post card! (3)
I am going to do the alternative advocacy pledge [Describe your idea and how you are going to implement it.] (15)
I reblogged this challenge here: [insert link] (10)

Thank you everyone!! Really looking forward to those entries coming in and finding out who I’ll be advocating for this Spring!!  Don’t have a child you are praying over or shouting for?  Go here to find a little one that captures your heart.  Or message me!  I have plenty of children who keep me up at night.  Once you see them, you simply can’t forget.

May God richly bless your Holy Week!


  1. So far I shared the challenge (1), I commented on it on Facebook (2) and I liked it (2). You can see that I shared it here: So far 5 entries.

  2. I liked and commented on your Facebook page (didn’t know you had one! I claim husband’s thesis craziness for missing that)
    Shared on twitter

  3. A little feedback, one of the most encouraging things is seeing how QUICKLY Hope has changed! If you could add something in about this transformation happened in ____ months, imagine what a lifetime of love will do! kind of comment on the back it might make people think.

  4. Liked, and commented on FB..also shard on my FB page –

  5. Feedback – I definitely would love to see the time frame..Like see what 6 months, or one year.. can do..Also suggestions for where to leave book marks in library books, at the drs office, etc.

  6. i have shared this giveaway on Facebook

    i have liked & commented on your FB post.

    i really like what you have done with the postcard. Just one thing i can think of to make it better – could you add in small type (does not have to be too big) dates (like Dec2013, Jan 2014 etc) along the sides of the pictures? This will show people who love truly can accomplish.

    i don’t know that it is practical for me to advocate locally (in Switzerland) for people to adopt these precious children (i know people who have adopted and the process is so very long here – think at least 3 years!) But you never know. My church supports Kim & Jed Johnson in their work in U. They have kiddos who are available for adoption – maybe i could team up with Kim and print little business cards for my church members to take away with them and pray over these children. Maybe the Lord will move one of these families to adopt.

    Will reblog some time this week – i’ll post again when i do reblog 😉

  7. I like the layout a lot. I know there are suggestions about a timeline but I’ve read so many blogs lately where children are up and down after coming home or their conditions were discovered to be degenerative that I think the way you have it gives the chance to tell your families stories rather than build up false positives or negatives.

    Only suggestions is to maybe add a link to somewhere like Reece’s Rainbow where people can pursue more information if interested.

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