34 Weeks… and Counting

I made it to 34 weeks yesterday, praise God!  What a crazy week it has been, I can’t even express the insane amount of things we have needed to get done, and with half the hands to do it all.  My husband is the most amazing husband of all the husbands.  I guess when he said “in sickness and in health” he really meant it!  He is absolutely my hero.

So here’s where we’re at right now, a week ago I started having regular, working contractions.  Despite my attempts at “resting” (aka only getting one child ready for Church instead of four) they continued to get longer, stronger and closer together.  A visit to the midwife and some medication were able to knock them out, but they aren’t gone by any means.

I have had contractions every day since then, they are triggered by movement and standing, or if I sit up for too long.  If I starting having them and don’t take steps to stop them (lay down, take an Epsom salt bath, etc.) they will gain momentum and we’ll be right back to where we started.  The more times I go too far, the easier and faster they seem to be triggered.  I could do more without triggering them at the beginning of the week than I can now.

I had to take some more medication on Christmas because I went to the service the night before and did just a bit too much walking between rooms on Christmas day.  So by the time evening rolled around, they had gotten themselves into a comfortable 3 minutes apart again.  (They’re always worse in the evening after being awake the whole day, and sometimes non-existent in the mornings after laying down for several hours straight.) Needless to say, I pretty much spent the rest of the next day in bed.

It doesn’t look like the contractions are going away any time soon, so the plan is to make it to 36 weeks at least.  I’m hoping I can go off of bed rest that day because it also happens to be January 10th.  It’s Hope’s very first birthday home with us and I’d love to be up and bustling around to help celebrate!! I have plans!  There will be more Christmases but this is her only 10th birthday, her golden birthday, her first birthday home!  I really, really want to be up and about.

So… here I sit resting and resting and resting and hoping that in two weeks I will be ready to do some moving and that this baby won’t come out for three weeks.  (If I make it to 37 weeks I get to use my new birth tub!!)  Thank you all so much for everything!  What a crazy year it has been.  Maybe we’ll get all the craziness out in January and we can just work on settling in as a new family of seven for the next eleven months.  I think I’ve had plenty of excitement for a year or two.

Merry Christmas, and if you don’t hear from me before then, a Happy New Year as well!


  1. I can certainly empathize with what you’re going through with this early labor stuff!! My first child arrived at 30 weeks, with NO advance warning like you’re having. (She has done fine, just graduated with a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy Training, and is working as a pediatric physical therapist in Texas. You can read her blog at http://savinghissparrows.blogspot.com/.)

    The second one managed to stay in until 36 weeks (I was supposed to be on total bed rest with an almost-3-year-old and no one home but her and me; I’m thankful she was very well-behaved and helpful!!) crawling to the bathroom or anywhere else I needed to go. One night I got up and walked to the bathroom instead of crawling. For the only time in my entire life, a spider had chosen that particular night to spin a big web right at face level in our bedroom door. If I’d been behaving myself, and crawling like I was told to do, my husband would have gotten the face full of spider web instead of me. (That was going on 37 years ago . . . .)

    6 years later, my 3rd child threatened a repeat; the doctor told me (at 28 weeks) not to ride on any bumpy roads, not to walk up / down hills or stairs, and, if I had two contractions 5 minutes apart, to lie down until they went away. Since we lived on a dirt road that more closely resembled a washboard than a road, and since the only way to get from my house to anywhere I needed to go, including church (without driving over those roads) involved walking down into a hefty dip and back up the other side . . .you guessed it . . . I didn’t go anywhere for the last 3 months of that pregnancy. (He made it to within a few days of my due date, and just turned 29.)

    By the time the fourth (and last) one was on the way, we lived in a place with paved roads, and I did much better.

    Hang in there — every day that little one stays put is a huge advantage to everyone. NICU’s (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) are wonderful if you need them (and certainly much more “family friendly” now than they were 38 years ago!) but avoiding them is far preferable!


  2. P. S. The second one, born at 36 weeks, is nearly through dental school, the third one (that I had to stay home for) has one more semester of college before he heads to dental school, and the fourth one is a nurse working in California. Yes, they’re a bit later finishing their education than many — the first three all worked varying numbers of years before deciding what they wanted to be “when they grew up,” the fourth one figured it out quicker , , , unless she decides to go on to something else later.


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