Mambo #5

One… Two… Three, Four, Five…

So for those of you who remember the song, I hope I got it stuck in your head for the day.  Everyone else, you really aren’t missing much of anything, I promise.

So, why am I dragging this old 90’s hit back up to the surface where it probably shouldn’t be?  Well, when we were in Ukraine our drivers almost always had the radio on.  There were a couple of stations that played English music, some newer American songs that were horribly covered by European artists, and a bunch of old originals that I hadn’t heard in a decade or two.  We enjoyed the trip down the good the bad and the ugly of the pop of yesteryear… mostly by laughing at them.

Mambo #5 was no exception.  It came up, we laughed about it and we moved on.  But it has become much more significant for us, and I’ll explain why.  During one such drive I wanted to drop a question to Jake about a certain new person in our family, but the driver spoke some English and we hadn’t exactly told anyone about this new unnamed person yet.  So instead of saying something conspicuous like “the baby” I said “You know… Mambo #5“.  He got it right away, as this is our fifth child… oh did I mention we are expecting our fifth child? 😀

photo (6)Yes, we found out while we were in Ukraine, just after having accepted our new daughter’s referral.  Boy was that a whirlwind of a week, the emotions, the fears, the uncertainties.  But I’m getting off topic.  Anyway, so from there on out, whenever we wanted to talk about the baby we just called it Mambo.  Mambo, the fifth little number in this dance of our family’s life, fun right?!  I am enjoying it.  When I was pregnant with Evangeline we called her Little Bean.  Stephen was affectionately nicknamed Nini by his aunt and this one is Mambo.  I think we have ourselves a new family tradition.

So now everyone knows about little Mambo, we told friends and family, we told our congregation this morning and now I am telling all of you!  We are super excited about this surprise gift God nestled in the middle of our adoption and cannot wait to meet our miniature bundle of joy.  We are so grateful for how joyous everyone has been for us, we were a little concerned about negative reactions on God’s humorous timing.  But everyone has been truly wonderful and genuinely happy for us, which we couldn’t thank you more for!

Have a blessed Sabbath rest!


  1. Congrats! That is so exciting! And it’s no wonder that you’re tired.

  2. Casey Shank says:


  3. crystalkupper says:

    Yay for you! We called our first Pumpkin, out second Little Man and our third Sweet Pea. :-)

  4. Congratulations! God is so good!!!!!!

  5. Very congrats! you guys are nuts!!! Beautiful nuts. My husband says he wants to come back as his mothers cat. I would want to come back as your kid!

  6. Bertha Neumueller says:

    I absolutely love reading all your posts dalas….I think you and Jake aredoing amazingly well considering you have doubled your family size (plus). It sounds like everyone is settling in to routines which is good.. You are always in my prayers for His guidance…….Love to you all.

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