We’re Doing Great

Here are a few pictures to show you what we’ve been up to…

Sisters enjoying some cuddle time.  Yesterday Hope was reaching out for Evangeline and Daddy prompted her that maybe she wanted to cuddle.  Evie responded “But I don’t want to cuddle with her.”  Then Daddy explained how Hope never got to cuddle with anyone at her orphanage and she finally has a sister to cuddle with.  After that she graciously agreed, and has been looking for opportunities to cuddle ever since.  Here’s one I caught of them earlier today…

photo (4)

My youngest and my oldest.  He never passes up an opportunity to help his sister with her bottle, and he takes that job very seriously, as you can see.  He loves to give her tickles and rock her in the stroller.  She enjoys his affection… most of the time.

photo (5)


And of course, wouldn’t forget our great ball of energy.  He met his other grandpa this week, they got along terrifically, and he is starting to settle into our routine again.  Routine is so important for this kiddo, so I’m doing the best I can to get ours down!  We have also started Signing Time with him and Hope.   They love it.  I was translating the words into Russian for Jacob and he got a real kick out of that.  He told one of our translators at the hospital “I have a Mama and a Babushka and I’m teaching them Russian!”  He was telling me if I had the words right or not.  How very generous of him :)  He also has a new spontaneous English phrase “All gone!”  I almost didn’t realize he was speaking English the first time because I wasn’t expecting it!  This is loads of fun.  Just sayin.



  1. Super!

  2. crystalkupper says:

    I love hearing these updates! Keep them coming.

  3. You dear, dear people. Oh, I am so happy.

    You have no idea who I am, but I have been praying for your Zhanna Hope for years, since I first visited the Reece’s Rainbow site and saw her picture. I have had a big burden for her, and wished to adopt her someday, but was not able to do so (married two years ago, son born 8 months ago, just now finally able to buy a house). I was so afraid she would be transferred before someone came for her, and prayed passionately that God would protect her and send someone for her, whether me or another family.

    I realized today that I hadn’t actually visited her page in quite a long while, and wanted to check just in case there was any update. And what do I find but the link to your blog, and that not only does she have a family, she’s already home and safe! Today is the best day ever.

    You are doing everything for her that I wanted to do – being aware of her sensory issues, feeding her breast milk, holding and loving her… you are like me of three years in the future, already ready to make her yours. I am so happy that you have a blog so that I can still see her!

    Thank you thank you thank you for listening to God’s call. And the biggest congratulations ever on your three new children!

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