One Day at a Time

I was freaking out earlier today.  This is our first day that we have gone solo… just me, my hubby and four very little kiddos.  My house was not ready, I was not organized, I didn’t have everything scheduled out… I was a nervous wreck!  But all children have been fed, bathed, clothed, changed and given lots of play and rest in the last 48 hours so I think I can count that as successful.  Right?  My brain just keeps jumping forward to all the things they’re not learning or not doing or not seeing, so I’m trying to take some deep breaths and remind myself… One. Day. At. A. Time.

For Heaven’s sake Dalas just get with the program and focus on this one day and you will be such a happier, less stressed, more attentive and patient mother.  But other than my temporary oh-my-gosh-we-are-all-alone-and-is-this-actually-going-to-work nervous breakdown, the day went great.  The children all seem to be doing fabulously, and most of their stress and acting out is because I’m stressed and acting out.  Lol!  But I am feeling much better now, going to get a few goals set for tomorrow and start one-day-at-a-timing it.

In other news, Hope’s digestive system is working well (if you know what I mean).  Tomorrow she gets to her full calorie intake for the first time!  So excited!  She has been doing great with all this food, and she already seems a little stronger.  I guess when you actually have fuel coming in it helps your muscles to not fatigue so quickly!  Her thighs are noticeably chubbier already.  Going to weigh her in the morning and see where we’re at!

Jacob is doing well too.  We’re starting to see more red flags, attachment difficulties and flare ups.  But now that Daddy and I are both home, we have been able to work through a more consistent plan to help him and we have been able to catch each other’s blind spots.  So I think he is well on his way to working through all these things.  Physically and medically he’s got more going on than we thought.  That’s been difficult, just realizing how much hard work and pain are probably in his future as we fight to reverse the many years of non-treatment and neglect.  Pray for wisdom for us in this.

I will try to update more later this week!  I have so much I would love to talk about, but I am so exhausted and need some sleep!  Here is a little sample of how much fun we’re having finally being home.  And PS that is Stephen’s “Cheese!!” face.  Crazy kid :)

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


  1. Beautiful family! So happy to see everyone home together and looking great :) YAY!

  2. May God bless and keep you. Make His face shine upon you, and give you His Peace. Don’t forget to allow God to love you. As care givers, we must not forget to fill our own cup. an empty cup can’t satisfy needs. We are praying for all 6 of you, the pictures are beautiful. Evangeline looks weary. Am lifting her up especially. Love….

  3. Casey Shank says:

    Smiles all around! Yay!

  4. This is the first time I leave a comment.
    I’m in love with your children, specially Hope. They all are a gift from God.
    Hope has the most beautiful and genuine smile, she’s like a ray of sunshine.
    I’m anxious to see her walking and see her hair grow, but as you said , one day at a time. By now I just want her happy and to gain some weight.
    Thank you for sharing your ” ray of sunshine ” with us, God has so many good things for her.

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