Too Much to Ask

Yesterday was such a great day, a perfect, lazy, summer day full of all things American.  An afternoon in the backyard pool, a picnic snack, watermelon, lots of fresh vegetables from the garden, spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, red white and blue cupcakes, baseball, and our huge big lovely home with the huge big lovely yard for little ones to play in.

It was such a beautiful day, we were outside from 7:00am to 5:00pm coming inside only for potty breaks, nap and lunch.  The kids loved it, I loved it, they slept fabulously…

Ok so that’s how my post started this morning.  Then the lovely little ones woke up, I spent all morning having a great time feeding and chasing after them, and then I got a phone call that absolutely destroyed any happy feelings left over from my perfectly scheduled, beautifully ordered, wonderful sunshiny day.

Jake and Hope are still stuck in Kiev.  They’re not coming home on the four o’clock flight, I had to cancel it… again.  For the third time we are cancelling a flight.

She still has not had a bowel movement since we picked her up.  She eats and she’s in pain.  We need to get her to a hospital; we need to get her home.  My other kids need their Daddy and I need my husband.  Every rare, unusual delay that could possibly occur in this last week has happened to our family.  I am stressed and tired and sick of “believing in God’s timing”.  I need to have my family on the same continent like yesterday.  But apparently two great days in a row was just too much to ask.

Yes I am very upset and not handling it well.  God is apparently putting coal through the furnace that was never meant to be made into a diamond.  I know so many people are following our journey right now and I wish more than anything I could just be the shining beacon of hope and a pillar of strength in a really tough situation, but I’m just not.  So yeah, I could use your prayers too while you’re praying that Hope’s condition doesn’t deteriorate further and that her visa arrives promptly at 7:00am tomorrow morning (Kiev time).


  1. It is so hard to be separated from your family! Hang in there, praying for peace of heart and great news for you tomorrow.

  2. Debbie Belt says:

    Prayers sent your way Dallas and to Pastor Jake!

  3. May you feel the Breath of Heaven flow through you and your home. You are doing a superb job! Praying for awesome encounters and miracles!! Be blessed, your sister in Christ

  4. Prayers for you & your family. I haven’t met you personally but when my Momma died I became aquainted w/ Pastor Jacob. I am so proud of both of you & I hope to meet you someday when we move back to the JC area. It is too easy to say hang in there. I can’t say anything that could make a difference but know my thoughts & prayers are with you.

  5. I am praying for you friend, and for sweet Hope’s health while she is waiting to come home!

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