Strange Sleep


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I erroneously believed that since we had no jet lag, our sleeping patterns would normalize once we got home.  Man was I wrong.  It is 5:30 am and I have been up for two hours.  Stephen woke me up at 3:30 with some light stirring and I put him back to sleep, then got up to check the others, while realizing that I was still dressed and had my contacts in.

I never actually went to bed as much as I passed out while putting the kids to bed.  I had been having strange dreams about travelling and flying, which has been true both nights we have been home.  I suppose I am just really sub consciously stressed about Jake and Hope’s flight in a couple of days.

So anyway, I tried going back to sleep after a while, and I was almost there when the phone rang.  It was my sweet husband who had a minor paperwork crisis (or thought he did) and needed to ask some questions.  (By the way, Skype is so cool!  He can call me from Ukraine!)  So that was fine, but it was like 5am at that point and I was thinking of all the getting ready I didn’t get done before my unintentional passing out last night.

The last two mornings in a row I’ve been up at 4am.  The first night back we all got up super early like that, and so Evangeline fell asleep at around five in the evening, could not be aroused at all, and woke up at four again.  So I was up with her.  Then yesterday the boys both took a four hour nap in the afternoon!  And still fell promptly asleep after a late dinner.

I tried to take a nap with them, but it was not in the stars.  Something always kept happening that I would need to take care of and eventually I gave up on the sleeping during the day thing.  Maybe today I will manage it!  I’m about to go wake up the childrens and schedule the day so hopefully they are all ready for an early afternoon nap (that isn’t too long) and then bedtime promptly at 7pm.

Wish me luck.  Not only would it be lovely to sleep more normally, but getting a good routine started before Jake gets home would be a huge blessing!  Speaking of which, Hope’s passport came in and they will be able to make their Wednesday flight!  We found out today that the delay was caused by the airplane that was shot down last week, the same day we were travelling home and her passport was supposed to arrive in Kharkiv.

Our inconvenience is nothing compared to the tragedy that hundreds of families are experiencing today.  We will be together soon; they will be waiting until the Resurrection.  Please pray for these precious souls and those they left behind.

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