T-Minus 12 Hours…

And counting!  In exactly twelve hours we will show up at the gate of Jacob’s orphanage, take presents, say good-byes, get some last minute pictures, give him a set of clothes that is his very own and walk him right out of there… Forever.  So.  Excited.

So!  Here is the schedule for the upcoming week that I promised all of you before I may or may not be disappearing for a time.  I expect things to get a little crazy after Gotcha Day!  Of course, I’m hoping to update somewhere in this week, but it will probably be short, sweet and to the point.  Will be taking tons of pictures tomorrow, and hopefully can post some of those in a timely fashion as well!

This is what the week’s going to look like (if everything goes as planned!)

Monday: Jacob’s Gotcha Day

We will finish packing up in the morning and head over to his orphanage after that.  Hoping to bring gifts for all of his groupa friends and his nannies, and maybe get some pictures of him with them for posterity.  After all good-byes are said we will hop in the van and drive the two and a half hours to the train station that actually had a reasonable train ride for today.  Our train leaves at around 2pm and arrives at 7pm in Hope’s city.  We’ll get to the apartment and promptly fall asleep.

Tuesday: Paperchasing for Hope

This is going to be a busy day!!  Jake will be doing paperchasing on his own while my mom and I watch the kiddos.  We will get to make a morning visit with sweet girl and I am hoping I can get to watch them feed her at least once before we leave.  After our visit we will ask the driver to drop us off at Gorky Park to have some fun and wear the three little ones out before bed!  If Jake gets done paperchasing soon enough he’ll maybe meet us there for dinner.

Wednesday: Hope’s Gotcha Day

Unfortunately we won’t be able to get Hope out of there soon enough for the early train, and Jacob really needs to start embassy paperwork in Kiev today.  So my mom and I and the three kids will take the 6am express train to Kiev so we can get there in time to start at the embassy.  Jake will stay behind, tie up any loose ends at the orphanage, and do Gotcha on his own.  I ordered him to make sure that they took a billion pictures, because I’m so sad I’ll miss it!  Their train leaves for Kiev at one o’clock and arrives around dinner time.  Then we’ll all be together for the first time ever!!

Thursday: Embassy Work Day

Thursday will be our big day at the embassy.  Hopefully Jacob’s visa will come in so we can make our flight the next day.  Hope’s medical might have to wait since her passport won’t be quite ready yet, but at least we’ll be able to get everything started.  It will be a crazy day probably, and one I’m glad my mom is going to be here for!

Friday: First Flight Home

We are scheduled to leave on a very early morning flight on Friday back to the US!  We are due to arrive on US soil at 6:00pm CST on Friday.  My mom will help me with the three kiddos and Jake and Hope will stay behind to wait on her passport and visa.  He will be doing lots of Embassy stuff that afternoon, pray that he can finish it all in time to make their flight!

Saturday: Homecoming!

Jake and Hope also have an early morning flight out and will be arriving to meet us at around 7pm CST on Saturday.  We will have an airport homecoming and then go straight to the children’s hospital for Hope to be admitted.  We are optimistic that it won’t be a long stay and that we will be able to go home quickly after that!

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