Great Visit!

Today’s visit was tons of fun.  It rained so we got to play inside in their therapy room, which we hadn’t been in yet.  Stephen loved the balls and played with them pretty much the entire time, Evangeline really enjoyed climbing the ladders and Jacob was just exploring everything.  We learned that he has creative problem solving skills, nice!  I imagine he’s had a lot of problems he’s needed to solve on his own!

We also had no more behavioral issues for the second day in a row!  We did have one altercation where he thought about turning on the water works.  He saw we had brought some juice boxes.  We didn’t take them out.  Daddy had packed bananas and an orange (both of which he devoured) and I thought that was more than enough fruit!  But he noticed them anyway and was very insistent that he have some.

I told him no and offered him water, which he brushed away and continued to try getting to the juice box.  I pushed the bag out of his reach and got eye contact and very firmly but gently told him in Russian “No juice, tomorrow.  Yes?”  He twisted his face into a crying position but then quickly decided it wouldn’t be worth it and went off to play.  I was ready for a battle, but thankfully didn’t have one.

We aren’t naive enough to believe breaking this habit is going to be that easy, and we expect a whole new slew of problems after Gotcha.  But he can and is learning that there are boundaries, and that’s a really awesome start!

In other news I am missing my daughter terribly.  I am so sad that this entire time she has had no one and nothing to do… just back to her old life of nothingness.  Yes, I know we’re going to be there so soon to take her home forever.  But this wait is just excruciating.  I can’t imagine adopting from a country where you have to meet your child and then come home for months waiting to go back and get them.  I know many friends who have had to take that route and they are seriously my heroes!

Here’s a super cute picture from today.  Jacob is sitting down for his second or third round of snacks (he ate a TON today!).  Stephen is still playing with the balls and Evie is being her big sister self, probably telling him where to go.  Love my kiddos!



  1. Joy Heidbreder says:

    So sweet. Excitedly waiting to meet your new kiddos. Missing you but it will be soon.

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