That is it!  Just two more days, two more visits at that orphanage before I get to walk him out of that big blue gate FOREVER.


My nerves are dying down a bit and I’m just ready to get him, get Hope and go home.  Everything else will work itself out when we get there right? :)  Ok maybe not that simple.  But I am more than ready to get done and get out of here with ALL my babies!  Finally!  To see all their faces in one place at the same time, my heart might burst.  It probably also helped that we had a really good visit today to boost my confidence a little.

So here’s how it’s going to go down…

Monday morning we pack everything up and check out of our apartment.  Probably right around noonish we will go bust Jacob out of his orphanage!  After that we have to drive straight to the bigger city to catch our train.  It’s two and a half hours, not totally fun but absolutely better than the alternative, which was a 10 hour train ride… in the middle of the day… with three restless children.  No thank you.

Our train to Hope’s city leaves at around three in the afternoon and arrives at 7:00pm that same day.  We will probably ask our facilitator before we go to explain to Jacob that we will be going to pick up his new sister and then we will take another train to where the airplanes are to fly to America.  We haven’t told him about Hope yet.  With only one day having a translator there has not been a good time, really.  But he does need to know before we leave!

That night hopefully kids will sleep awesomely because we have our huge paperchasing for Hope the next day.  We also seriously need to get a visit in on Tuesday, somehow, before Gotcha.  We might just have to pay two drivers, one to help me get to visit Hope and one to do paperchasing with Jake or something like that.  But she needs to see us again before we leave.  It has been far too long and the last thing we want is for her to be terrified on Gotcha Day because she doesn’t remember us.

So anywho that is the plan for Jacob’s gotcha.  I have no idea how often I will be able to update after Sunday.  There will be so much happening so fast.  I will definitely try to lay out a day-by-day tentative schedule for ya’ll this weekend so if I can’t update you can come look and see “Oh yeah, that’s what they’re up to today.” 😛  Also please let me know if you have questions or other things you want answered before I might disappear for a few days!  Love you all!  It’s getting exciting over here!!


  1. Joy Heidbreder says:

    Love you. Excitedly waiting your return home with a bigger family.

  2. Dallas and Pastor you are all in my prayers and we will be happy to see you all at home again. Have a safe trip and we will see you soon.
    Marvin and Peggy

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