Someone Was Listening

Do you all remember this adorable picture?295393_524786704210116_1779142902_nThat’s my cutie pie shortly after he was transferred from his baby house to the orphanage he’s in now.   This picture is a gift from our missionary friend who met Jacob a few years ago.  Being able to discuss his personality with someone else who had met him was a huge factor in us feeling comfortable enough to pursue his adoption with our little ones.  Having these pictures has also been such a blessing as many adoptive parents have no early photos of their children.

But I was just talking to this missionary friend of ours the other day and she told me something new about this picture that makes it even more meaningful and special.  That toy in his hand is a play phone, and he was playing with it like any typical four year old would play with a pretend phone… he was having a pretend conversation.  Know what he was saying?

“Grandma, where are you?”

Just cut me right through the heart kiddo.  How many times in his life has he wondered that silent, lingering question?  Grandma, where are you?  And just two days ago I was overjoyed to be able to post this picture…


She’s right here sweet boy.  And you have more grandmas and more love coming your way.  It may have been a pretend phone, but that was no pretend conversation.  Someone was listening on the other end, and He heard your child’s prayer.  Grandma is right here and so are we.  Here’s to never having to be alone.

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