Another First Meeting


Though we have been visiting with Jacob for several weeks now, in some ways it seems like yesterday was the first day I actually met him.  We were able to take a translator with us to our visit, and for the first time we had someone sitting with us and him and telling us everything he said.  We got to ask him questions, tell him about our upcoming journey and his new home.  We told him his new name.  It was definitely my favorite visit so far.  We learned so much and I think he did too.

I hope you’re ready for another tear jerker post!  There were so many sweet moments, small glimpses into the heart and personality of my son that I thought I would have to wait months to see.  What a gift our translator friend was.  There were also some hilarious moments.

We asked him how he got those scrapes on his face and at first he simply said that someone hit him.  But when we asked why they hit him he began a riveting tale.  We had no idea what he was saying during the story but his facial expressions and hand gestures were so fun to watch.  Afterward the translator related to us that someone was playing with his wheelchair and he accidentally fell out.  And I thought, yup, that pretty much matches what his hands were saying!

We also asked about favorite foods.  His favorite food is potatoes (he will fit right in!).  We asked if he liked bread and he responded “Yes, and we have butter too.”  Haha!  This kid!  Had to make sure we knew about the butter.  He asked Papa if he liked any foods, and Daddy did not miss a beat.  In Russian he replied “Chicken!”  Jacob busted out laughing and saying over and over “Papa said chicken!  I asked him that question and he just said chicken!”  He thought it was the most hysterical answer ever.

One of the first things we did, though, was read through his photobook.  It has pictures of his family, grandparents, house, the airplane, etc. along with explanations and descriptions in English and Russian.  We have been showing him this book for weeks and pointing certain things out with the few words we have, but this is the first time it’s been read to him.

When we started with Mommy and Daddy’s page, how we had dreamed of him for so long and finally were able to come find him, he had the biggest smile.  He listened intently to all of it, nodding and saying “Da” throughout.  We were very pleased that when we got to his bedroom; he pointed to his bed and said “This is where I will sleep.”  That’s one of the things we had been trying to communicate and it got through!  Woohoo!

When we got to the bathrooms he also chimed in “And this is where I will pee and shower and brush my teeth.”  Haha, yes indeed.  He was very interested in our living areas and kept pointing to the furniture saying “And this is a sitting place.”  While inside they sit on the floor almost all day, so seeing all the comfortable couches and chairs was novel for him.

The best part of the whole day, though, came when we got to the very end of his book and she was reading to him about how we would have a long journey once we got him out of the orphanage and sometimes it would seem hard, but at the end he would be home.  He replied simply, “Yes, I will be home and I won’t be alone.”

I nearly cried right then and there.  He gets it.  Our son understands on some level what it means to have a family, on the most important level – he will not be alone.  Although we know he will have grieving to go through when he leaves the orphanage it was very clear to us today that he does want to leave.  He does want to come home with us, and that is such a relief to hear.

Before we left yesterday we were on the sidewalk drawing with chalk.  I had our translator ask if he ever gets to draw with chalk at the orphanage.  He said “Yes, I drew a butterfly.”  (Not sure if he was referring to when we drew with chalk before or if he really has done it with his nannies.)  We asked what he was drawing now and he said “Home”.  :)

Grammy drew a pretty sun and he loved it so much he threw his arms around her and said “Good job Grammy!”  It was super cute.  And then, looking around at the chalk lying all over and on everyone’s hands and clothes he asked “Who’s going to clean up this big mess?!”  Big laughs ensued from everyone.  Great question kiddo.

Definitely looking forward to this new, big, messy life.


  1. awww… such a lovely little boy you have there! Blessings indeed!

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