Highs & Lows

Wow was today a long day!  To save energy I’m just going to make today’s post a series of highlights and lowlights from yesterday and today.  And (how fun) I can even do it in Patriotic colors to celebrate!  Have a great night America!  Happy 4th of July!!

Highlight!  My mom arrived today!  We are so excited to have her here.  What a great blessing!  I haven’t seen her in exactly a year and have missed her dearly.  Feeling super energized and ready to tackle this next week.  She isn’t travel weary since she just started and her enthusiasm is totally contagious.  Love, love, love her.

Lowlight… Being stuck at the birth certificate office for two hours.  Apparently since my last name and my maiden name are only two letters apar,t the office issuing Jacob’s new birth certificate was certain that our marriage license in the Dossier was wrong.  No other families have had this problem, but because they look the same I suppose it was reason to create an issue.  Our facilitator fought valiantly on the phone for two hours and fixed it… but it made for a longer day for sure.

Highlight!  Jacob brags about us to everyone.  It was so funny at yesterday’s visit.  A boy around Jacob’s age, maybe a year or so older, was outside watering flowers when we came in.  He asked if we were there to see Juri and pointed us back to where he was.  We thanked him.  When we came back that way Jacob (Juri) began talking to the boy in Russian.  We gathered from the little we know that he was talking about how his Mama and Papa were there to see him.  The boy replied with rollng eyes and a tired “Yes, I know I know…”  I get the feeling he talks about us a lot.  The nanneis also reply with similar responses.  I won’t ever get tired of his bragging though.  So in love with this kid.

Lowlight… Missing my dear Hope something awful today.  Just a little more than a week until we don’t have to say goodbye anymore.  How I long for that day.

Highlight! Picking up our court decree this morning.  Yes I had to get up early, but it was so worth it!  I couldn’t read any of it, but to see it with my own eyes was marvelous.  The papers that proclaimed Jacob as our son, wow have I been waiting a long time for that!

Lowlight… Tried a McDonald’s milkshake to celebrate July 4th and would you believe it?!  Yes, it’s thick and creamy like a true American milkshake, but the flavor was way off.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what that was but it wasn’t chocolate.  Maybe vanilla would have been safer?  So disappointed…

Highlight!  Mom actually packed two pieces of delicious, thick crust, pepperoni DiGiorno pizza in her suitcase.  I am eating it right now… best thing I’ve had in weeks.

Lowlight… The sun goes down late here after the kids are in bed.  I had packed red, white and blue glow sticks for today but never got to use them.  Maybe they’ll be fun for the plane ride home?

Highlight!  I think I might have a Momma’s boy on my hands… Yesterday I offered to let Daddy take Jacob back to his groupa since I usually do it.  As soon as he started toward the little guy, Jacob immediately lunged at me and said “Nyet! Mama!”.  I felt like a million bucks.  :)

And a double highlight to finish off the night! The siblings are getting along smashingly!  Ok fun story.  At yesterday’s visit Evangeline fell asleep in the car on the way, so I went and got her up half way through so she could see her brother.  She was so groggy, and her personal space bubble is a toxic DO NOT ENTER zone when she’s woken up!  Let the screaming commence if anyone dare go near it.  So I walk her over to the table we were at and sit her down on the bench next to Jacob (not right next to him because of the bubble thing).

But he was SO excited to see her that he reached his arms out for a hug and insisted I put her closer.  I couldn’t help but oblige and scooted her over.  He smothered her in a huge hug and kept his arm wrapped around her the whole time.  I cringed and kept waiting for the screaming to start.  I was stunned… she didn’t make a peep.  Then he began speaking loudly and intently to “Papa” about something.  And began putting his hand on Evie’s face trying to motion what he was talking about.  We eventually heard the word “peet” and deduced he was asking us to get her a drink!











Apparently she looked like she needed something to liven her up a bit.  I set the juice on the table in front of her, which he proceeded to pick up and help her drink, lol!  He was so protective and attentive and brotherly.  And I was sure Evangeline was going to go ballistic on him, but she tolerated every bit of the attention!  These two are going to be great pals.  And what a precious moment to have right after writing the post about his name and my prayer that he would grow to be the mature, protecting older brother for his siblings.  God is so generous in the glimpses of hope he gives us each and every day.


  1. Yay to all the highlights!

  2. Wonderful! Now for the next paper which proclaims you as parents of a precious darling girl :)

  3. Kirstin Hopkins says:

    It’s amazing to hear about these sweet children. Doesn’t it amaze you how observant and attentive they are? I’m thrilled that your natural children are adjusting to this well too!

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