I Feel Like a Yo-Yo

That pretty much sums up everything I feel like blogging about today.  Of course you all are just waiting to hear all about how court went and whether or not we got to connect with Hope’s birth parents and how paper chasing for Jacob’s Gotcha Day starts tomorrow… etc… etc… and that all sounds very exciting, but I am just worn out.

Back and forth, up and down, criss and cross all over this little country.  I am feeling physically ill just thinking about all the travelling, and I’m so ready to be done!  One more night train… just one more…. yes the thought makes me sick.  I’ll think about something else.  We went to Hope’s city and had a new apartment on the other side of downtown, we come back here – same thing.  New apartment, totally different side of the city.  I have been disoriented for the last week and I’m just ready to go home!!  Home, lovely home where everyone speaks English and I can read the labels at the grocery store and milkshakes aren’t just cold, flavored milk.

I am usually not one who tends to be partial to the July 4th holiday, but I am missing the festivities terribly this year!!  I never knew how much I loved real hot dog stands (not ones with sausage-type hot dogs in pretzel wrap things that are mushy from pre-added ketchup) and fireworks and BBQ and sweltering hot weather mixed with a refreshing day at the pool.  I really didn’t think I would… but I am missing my American summer!

Dear friends please eat delicious watermelon and have a wonderful time grilling for me.  And have a real milkshake or an American waffle cone… because the likes of them simply don’t exist here.  Enjoy the parades and the fireworks and the pools… Oh the things I take for granted.  I have not felt this patriotic in a long time!  Lol… ok.  I will stop with the complaining and tell you about all of the important things you’re really interested in.  But seriously enjoy the festivities tomorrow!

First of all, court – it went smashingly!  We waited in the lobby for about ten minutes, and court was 15 minutes start to finish.  Seriously!  They work fast in that region!  Besides asking us who we were and what we were there for there were no other questions or comments.  Everyone in the court said they had no problem with us being Hope’s parents and the judge gave us his decision on the spot, no waiting for deliberation or even the official reading of the court decree.  I was ok with that!

We had a very lovely adoptive mama watch our littles for us.  They took a walk over to the lake nearby and had absolutely no problems at all.  As for her birth parents, the lawyer of the orphanage did contact them to let them know that Zhanna was being adopted and asked if they would like more information or to meet us.  (I wrote a bit on their story here.)

Unfortunately, they asked for some time to think and did not call back.  I am sad to possibly have missed the opportunity to share with them our love for their girl and the beautiful home and life she will have; there is so much I could say and so much I wonder.  But perhaps I will share my heart on that another time.  My prayers continue to go out to them.  I cannot imagine their pain for losing a child.

Once we got home we had something to eat and spent the rest of our afternoon packing.  We hopped on the overnight train and slept decently, but not great.  Poor Stephen fell off his bed twice.  He wasn’t hurt, just grumpy.  We will visit our sweet Jacob this evening and then tomorrow morning our official wait is over and we get to pick up our court decree and start all the extensive paperwork needed to bust him out of that orphanage forever!

We are super excited to finally be at this stage in the game.  My mom is flying in tomorrow to be with us for the last leg of the trip, and we could not be happier!  We are definitely in need of a morale booster, and she will be a great one.  With that I’m going to take a bit of a rest.  Can’t wait to share with you all of our adventures tomorrow!

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