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I hope you all are still enjoying our posts and aren’t sick of them yet!  But just in case I’m taking a bit of a detour today.  After I post this we are going to go have court for Hope and possibly be able to contact her birth parents and we’ll also be heading back to Jacob William’s city so…. very exciting stuff!!  Stay tuned for all of that!  But in the meantime I have two lovely young people I really want to introduce you too.

A dear adoption advocate friend of mine asked me to share them with you and I would be honored.  I have known her for a couple of years now.  She does so much wonderful work fundraising and shouting for orphans and adopting families.  She has donated her time, prayers and love offerings for our own adoption and has been a support for me on some really tough days.

Her labor of love is her Angel Crafts Shop where all of the proceeds go for these sweet children and their families.   She makes such beautiful items that match her beautiful, selfless heart.  I love her!!  Anyway, she has a special place in that heart of hers for these boys and I really wanted to bless them with a little bit of visibility in honor of her.


10520770_10152590318843200_47774815_nThe first boy I want to share with you is Jasper.  Jasper was not always an orphan; he was abandoned when he was eight years old.  You can imagine what heartache he must have gone through!  The beauty of this, though, is that for his very formative, young years he was in a family.  He was likely loved and cared for.  He will thrive in another family environment if given the opportunity!

Children who spend their first years in families are able to attach very well.  Not to mention he has many of the self-care basics done. He can walk alone steadily and can eat and use the toilet independently.  He does speak a little, perhaps not clearly, but for probably a lack of therapy that is really great!  I think his speech would boom if given the opportunity.

And his personality sounds just so fun!  They say he is active and extroverted, he likes to be with other people and is good at it.  And he gives special attention to his favorites.  What a dream he would be!  Unfortunately, he is aging out and must find a family in the next six months.  His birthday is in January so he’s running out of time.  Impossible?  Not with God!  I have seen much more unlikely scenarios happen.

We do not know much more about Jasper, but my friend knows his location.  (She is much more familiar with his country than I am).  And she knows that if he is not adopted he will not be in a good situation in his home country.  The chances of him being taken advantage of for his disability are great.

This country is usually about a nine month process, but there are families who’ve done it in two or three months.  It is possible, and there is a special support group for families adopting from here on an expedited timeline.  The point is, yes it’s doable, but there is no time to waste!  His family needs to be found so we can rally and get him home!

If you would like more information about adopting or advocating for Jasper please GO HERE or feel free to contact me with questions.


10508337_10152590333133200_347771654_nAnd the second little boy I want to introduce to you to today is Jason.  He is described as outgoing and likes to help other kids. A caregiver says sometimes it takes him a little longer than the other children to answer questions. He is in the second grade and has trouble with his homework at times. (So he’s pretty much a normal kid, right?) :)

His caregiver states that he has no vision problems aside from sensitivity to light.  Take that with a grain of salt, but if it’s true that would be a great blessing!  Vision problems are very common for children with his diagnosis, which is albinism.  His favorite people are other boys at the orphanage. Playing badminton makes him happy.  Oh the simple pleasures in life.

When he grows up, he wants to drive cars for a living, perhaps a taxi or bus driver? His caregiver stated he is normally very active and noisy, but he is nervous and shy with strangers.  For those who don’t know, this is a great piece of information!  This shows that he has healthy attachments and a healthy fear of strangers, which bodes very well for how he will do with relationships in a family setting upon coming home!

If not adopted, he will certainly be discriminated against because of his skin color.  Considered cursed, with the added label of orphan, saying his life would be hard is quite the understatement.  How very much he needs a loving family!  Jason has a $4000 grant available through the placing agency, which is a great start to any process!  Here is the link to another blog post from an adoptive mom to children with albinism.  She has some great information about Jason and even a video!

If you would like more information about adopting or advocating for Jason please GO HERE or feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you are not interested or able to donate to, advocate for or adopt these boys that is totally OK!  But you are still not off the hook!  Please, please don’t leave this post without helping out in some way.  Everyone can do something.  God has presented us with the need of two of his beloved children.  Let us use all the resources God has blessed us with to be a blessing to them!  Below I’ve listed some easy ways you can help, pick one and then challenge others to do the same!

1. Pray for Jasper and Jason.  I know we have some amazing prayer warriors following along our journey.  Don’t just content yourself with a single wisp of a prayer and move on with your day.  Commit to praying for them for a week or a month or until their families are found!  Add their future adoptive families to your prayers, that God would nudge their hearts and place these boys in their paths in time for them to make it home.

2. Share these boys!  You can share their story in so many ways!  You can write your own blog post, you can link to this one or you can link to their individual profiles.  Please share them in any productive way you can.  Think outside of the box, send and email instead of just posting on Facebook.  Phone a friend, or even print out their profiles and post on community boards around your home or town.  The more people that see their faces, the more likely their families will see them and they will get to come home.

3. Check out Angel Crafts Shop.  My friend works so hard to raise these boys’ grant funds.  And if you have a sweet little daughter, granddaughter or niece anyway why not buy her some cute things while also helping a great cause?  She does beautiful, handmade work, and has great prices too!  I love everything she puts together!  Bookmark her page so the next time you have a little one’s birthday come up you will remember where to go!  If you’re spending money anyway, put it to good use, right?  Here is that link again: Angel Crafts Shop

I am challenging you to do one or more of the things listed above.  Got it?  Great!  Now please go and challenge one or two of your friends to do the same!  Let’s see what a really awesome domino effect looks like.  Ya’ll are my favorite people ever!  I can’t wait to see God and His Church move on behalf of these wonderful boys!


  1. Oh my dear… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! My heart sings to read what you have written – better than anything i could have written. Thank you for your kind words about the boys & pointing out the wonderful aspects of their character/personality. Thank you for shouting out so loudly & well for these precious boys. Thank you also for highlight Angel Crafts Shop.
    And to your readers – Thank you for your time & efforts for Jasper & Jason :)

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