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A Last Hurrah

We had our last hurrah here in Hope’s region before travelling back to have court for Juri.  We still have a visit with sweet girl tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be a good one because of certain orphanage schedules.  In any case, today was great so I’m going to hang on to that.  We got to go to Gorky Park with another family adopting from here and their little girl who is Evie’s age.  It was a good, long day and now I’m going to bed.  Here’s some pictures to enjoy from our fun park outing :)

Ok so this was before we went.  This happened at the orphanage (she fell on pavement… who puts pavement in a playground…)  We asked for a bandaid and this is what we got.  Poor girl had the doctor put iodine on the gash in her toe.  She cried for like an hour.


The huge bouncy castles that the girls got to play on.


Stephen eating an ice cream bar because he was too little for the bouncy castles.


Bungee trampolines!!  She had never done one of these before and she loved it!  We waited a while because parents kept paying the staff so their kids wouldn’t have to get off.  Lol!  But we got there eventually :)


The HUGE Ferris Wheel we went on.  I mean… just a little too high for my liking.  Haha.


Stephen’s first real ride, Dumbo!  He had lots of fun.


Bumper cars with Daddy!  Definitely a hit.


We found a Stephen-sized bungee jumper!!  I think he was technically a month too young but they let us slide.  😉


He LOVED it.  “Higher!” He said :)


The Monotony of Routine

Wake up at 4:30 to take my daughter to the bathroom so she doesn’t have an accident.

Go back to sleep… maybe.

Get up with the kids, who are hopefully well rested and happy (otherwise the next hour will not be an enjoyable one.)

Make breakfast.

Take showers.

Get the kids dressed and send them outside with Daddy so Mommy can clean and pack for our visit.

Take everyone potty one last time (because the potties at the orphanage are actually little buckets they set on the floor and a certain little boy is not ok with that).

Walk to the corner, withdraw some money from the ATM and wait for our driver to pick us up.

Nurse Stephen to sleep on the way there.

Walk up to Hope’s floor and wait for them to get her dressed.

Take the kids out to the orphanage playground to play.

Give everyone a snack and feed Hope her bottle.

Play some more.

Walk Hope back up the stairs to her crib… say good-bye.

Drive home and try to keep everyone calm, we are all tired and hungry by now.

Wash dishes, make lunch, eat.

Give Daddy 15 minutes of recuperation time while I watch the kids on the playground.

Let Daddy take over and go upstairs to post updates and blog for everyone.

Find something to do until dinner.

Eat dinner.

Let the kids play outside one more time.

Give the kids a bath.

Bedtime routine, prayers and finally bed…

This, with few variations, has been our routine for about the last ten days.  Jake told me the other day “I am fine with routine, I’m just tired of this one.”  I think we all feel about the same way.  As much as being here with Hope is a blessing, we are all fatigued and ready for the next stage of the process, we need to keep moving along so we can finally go home.

The playgrounds here are all essentially the same and have more or less lost their charm at this point.  Jake and I are tired and stressed and the kids are absolutely picking up on those cues.  I am so ready to go back to Juri’s city so that we can get out of this monotonous funk we are in.

I suppose I must be spoiled.  Since my husband is a pastor his routine changes seasonally and weekly depending on chapel services, Bible studies beginning or ending, hospital visits, seasons of the Church year, etc.  Each week looks different, so there is never any time to be bored!  I so often hear moms talk about  the monotony of motherhood, but I’ve yet to experience that myself.  I suppose these two weeks have given me a little inkling of what they are going through.

I can’t wait to pack our suitcases and move on to the next thing!  Court here we come!

Just a Quick Note

Our visit with Hope today went so much better.  She was awake and alert, she smiled and laughed for us right away, although by the end of our visit she was obviously worn out.  Her stamina is not what it was four days ago.  She really needs some calories in her; she just has so little energy.  Poor sweet thing!  But even still she was an absolute joy today.  It’s so good to see her being herself again.  I was really beginning to miss that bubbly little personality.

I was very blessed today to be able to love on a few of the other sweet orphans there today who were playing with Evie and Stephen.  I am so very much hoping that we can find families for the three of them.  They were precious and so in need of love.  Expect that I will be talking about them in the future!  It is one thing to hope for a family for a picture on the computer screen, but once they become flesh and blood, real live children standing in front of you and giving you hugs… there is no way I could walk away from this place and not come back and do everything in my power to get them families!

In other news, our Sponsor a Mile Fundraiser is going so well!  We have met both our matching grants and we only have 1,498 miles left to go to meet our goal!  We will not be quite funded once this is met, (we are still $2,933 away from that) BUT we will be able to fly home with all four kiddos by the skin of our teeth!  Once we finish off our Miles Fundraiser I will announce Juri’s new name and the story behind that.  Exciting!!

Thank you all for continuing to love and pray us through!  We are finally in the home stretch of this adoption, and then the real journey begins!

God is Gracious… Hope

I promised all of you that when we met our matching grant (which we did!!) I would tell you the story of our daughter’s new name.  To preface, I believe that God whispers to us the names of our children… if we are listening.  If you give your child absolutely nothing else his whole life, but you give him a name, you can point him to Christ.

If his name is connected to the Lord, then whenever he hears it, it will point him heavenward.  Names are not just meant to sound cute or beautiful, but they have meanings and they tell us stories.  They provide us an intimate connection with those who bear them, evidenced by how excited so many of you are to hear the new name of the little girl you have loved so long!

I never could have guessed what either of our new children’s names would be before we came to adopt them.  Their names were literally given to us at the time God had planned, through His Church and His gracious promptings.  So… with no further delay… we are quite pleased to announce to you the name of our oldest daughter…

Zhanna Hope

Zhanna is pronounced (Zjuh-ah-nuh).  We will call her Hope for short.  Now for her story.  When I first learned what our daughter’s birth name was (months ago actually) I didn’t like it much.  I was pretty certain that we would change it, until we heard her birth family’s story.  (P.S. – Yes we did know what her name would be by the time we wrote that post if you want to have a bit of an “I see what you did there…” moment.)  Knowing that her name was given her by a loving mother and father who lost their dear child, I was much more reluctant to take away the one remaining legacy they had given her – her name.

We also learned while we were here that Hope was indeed baptized, and that we will be able to get confirmation of that.  Taking away a child’s birth name is one thing, but the name they were baptized with?  That is something else entirely.  Knowing she would not need to be baptized once we get her home, and also knowing her family history, sealed it for me.  Her name would stay.

And anyway… we were all very much getting used to the sound of it by this point.  :)  Once I knew that this would always be a part of her identity I did what any mother would do… I looked up the meaning of it!  Well, if I wasn’t convinced before I was now.  Zhanna means “God is gracious.”  It was as if God was speaking directly to my heart, for indeed there is no more perfect, succinct way to describe our girl’s life than with these three words – God is gracious.

With that settled, all we needed was a middle name for her, which came right on time shortly thereafter.  My husband’s lovely, godly, beautiful mother sent us an email the very day we were making the monumental decision on whether or not we could accept sweet Hope’s referral.  Now, before I share with you the delightful ending, let me provide a bit of background story.

JannaMy sweet mother-in-law (and I assure you she was not alone or crazy!) never had peace about adding Hope to our adoption.  We had some very difficult conversations about it, and she prayed for months, but peace about this very needy and delayed child never came for her.  We prayed that she would find peace, and we hoped it would come.

On the eve of our decision, it was certainly not far from our minds that our parents, whom we are called to honor and obey, were not on board with us adopting this girl.  It took our peace about it and made us quite uncertain.  After meeting Juri we were already unsure if we would be able to meet his needs and her needs and the needs of the two children we already have.

As much as we loved this girl we had met, we needed to be sure.  We both felt 100% that she was ours after the visit that day.  But we were not fully at peace.  And then… we checked our email.  Jake’s mom had messaged us and told us that the night before she had been looking at our little girl’s picture for an hour and praying over it.  What she said next brought tears to my eyes and still does: “I found myself thinking, “Lord, you really are The God of Hope and somehow through the lives of these little ones, especially Jana, you are going to be demonstrating just that: “I am The God of HOPE.”

She wondered if we had thought of the name Hope for our girl.  We hadn’t, but it only took us all of ten seconds to agree that it was the perfect name for her.  God has knitted our family’s hearts together, after months of tears and prayer, in His wisdom He has mercifully given us all oneness of mind and spirit.  Not only was this name a reflection of our family’s wrestling with one another and becoming closer and stronger for it, but it is also a perfect reflection of God’s love in Hope’s life and in the life of all mankind.

I titled this post “God is Gracious… Hope” and that is the story I want to tell with our daughter’s name.  Ten years ago I began dreaming of giving a little girl a home who had none.  About the same time, Hope was conceived, and she has spent all this long time alone.  Unbeknownst to either of us, we were both waiting for the culmination of God’s gracious love, waiting separately yet also together.

There were so many delays in my ability to start the adoption process, so many snags, so many days that it seemed it would never come.  When I first saw Hope, there were so many times it seemed impossible that she would come home with us, so many detours and bumps in the road.  Yet through it all I dared to hope.  I dared to pray, to beg God to give me the desire of my heart.  For He has said that He will do this.  God is gracious… and so I dared to hope.

I cannot wait to witness and share with the world the beauty of Hope’s new life, her redemption, her new birth into our family.  And as I do I pray that most of all people would see through her story that God is gracious!  Not so we can hope for things on this Earth, for truly there will be so many who never come to their earthly homes… so many whose hurts will not cease in this life… so many for whom injustice will not be corrected.  And yet even in the midst of these realities… God is gracious, and we still dare to hope.

Our daughter’s story is a miracle unfolding, a beautiful story of redemption in which God has honored me to play a role.  But her amazing story is nothing more than a reflection, a foretaste of the greater and more glorious story being told – God’s redemption for all people, for the entire world.  For He has promised to return, and when He does all the hurts will be healed, all the injustice will be corrected, all death will be turned to life and everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved!  Because we know God is faithful and we know that He is gracious we can dare to have hope in this Truth!

To all mothers who are still waiting to bring their babies home… to the mothers who have lost their children by death or tragedy… to the mothers-at-heart who so desperately want children and have been given none… to all the sick and dying… to the depressed and anxious… to all the poor and downtrodden… to the addicted and lost… to all the broken and afraid… to all who hunger and thirst and yearn for more than what they can have in this life…

May our daughter’s story bring you one precious Truth.  God is gracious… Hope!




We Have a Court Date!!

Woohoo!! Good news all around today!  First I woke up to see that our grant fund had jumped about $300 overnight!  We are now only $123.00 away from meeting our matching grant that we just started yesterday.  I am so unbelievebly blown away by the generosity and love from all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you for loving on us and our new kiddos!

More good news, we have a court date for Juri!  Monday the 23rd, God willing, he will be officially made our son!  I am beyond excited and thrilled.  The thought of leaving Janna is hard, but I know she’s in the hands of angels while we are gone and we need to get this process finished so we can take her out of there for good.  Not to mention I’ve been really missing my sweet boy.  It’s so hard to have my babies in different places!  Can’t wait till our big family is all together for good.

As far as our visit today, Janna had her worst day yet.  So few smiles, and even fewer giggles.  She was just staring the whole time, and she was vocalizing again, which she never does with us anymore.  It was hard.  Praying that tomorrow’s visit will be back to normal again.  We probably have about four more visits and then it’s off to Juri’s region for court!

After court there is a ten day waiting period where we are legally his parents but we cannot yet take custody.  This is so that if the prosecutor or anyone else wants to contest the judge’s ruling on the matter they have time to file paperwork for that.  Usually that doesn’t happen, but it is a mandatory time frame we have to go by regardless.  During his ten day wait we will need to come back here to go to court for Janna, so we will keep busy for sure!

Thank you again everyone so much!  Now that we aren’t in limbo land anymore just waiting for things to happen, I feel much more energized and ready to tackle the rest of this process.  We are really close to meeting our matching grant and then I can write the super fun post about Janna’s new name!!  Click here to read about our matching grant and to learn how you can help!



Today and yesterday were difficult visits.  Our poor Janna was lethargic and trying so hard to be engaged, but her little body was just too tired.  We have an inkling why, suffice it to say here that orphanage life is not a good life for any child.  She needs out of that place!  It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to hand her back to the nannies, turn around, and walk away.  Now that we are just waiting on court dates the days seem to be dragging on forever.  How long oh Lord!

And with the groaning of my heart, I learn another small piece of God’s heart for us.  How it must grieve him.  I have only two children who I long to be in my arms and my presence.  Our Father in Heaven has literally billions of children He is still working tirelessly to bring home to His Church.  The need is great, so great.

Yet even through the brokenness, there is light and hope.  Despite Janna’s condition today she was actually holding herself up in our arms!  Usually she just slouches over and leans on us, but she was actually “sitting” up straight today!  She did it several times, it was great progress and we were so encouraged.  We can’t wait to see her home and help her to become the beautiful young lady she was always meant to be.

And we are not the only ones!  Our family has been abundantly blessed with so many prayer warriors, encouragers and supporters.  We couldn’t do this without every single one of you.  A dear family member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered our family a second matching grant!  We have been so surprised, and humbled and grateful for this.  We still have 3,475 miles left to go on our miles fundraiser to get us funded for the rest of our adoption!  What a great blessing and opportunity this grant is for us.

Our anonymous donor has offered a matching grant of $631.00.  So when our mileage reaches 2,844 our donor will double that!  The grant was offered based on the Bible verse of Proverbs 6:31, that we might pray over Juri and Janna that everything which has been stolen from them will be returned sevenfold.  What a beautiful prayer and what a beautiful gift!

So here is your incentive!  We already have our children’s new names picked out.  Once we meet our matching grant we will share with you what Janna’s new name will be, along with the story behind it!  After we finish our miles fundraiser off completely we will announce Juri’s new name and the story behind that one!  I promise you they will be lovely names and inspiring stories and I am dying to share, so let’s knock this out shall we!!

Our donor has given us seven days to meet our matching grant.  Today is day one.  Let’s go!  I ask that now you have finished this post (yes right this minute) step away from the computer and say a quick prayer for our family.  After you have prayed please share this post and our story with others you know and ask them to do the same!  If you feel led to give perhaps consider $6.00 or $31.00 to honor the Scripture verse being prayed over our sweet children’s lives this week.

You can make a tax deductible donation at either of the links below:

Reece’s Rainbow Mueller Family Grant
Adopttogether Mueller Family Grant

We love you all so much and we are humbled and eager to watch God work as He knits our family together with love from His people around the globe.

Happy Father’s Day!

As a Father’s Day present I didn’t really get on the computer all day and so haven’t blogged yet!  But I wanted to do a little something special before heading off to bed.

I wanted to give a shout out to all you wonderful fathers!  Just to name a few…

First, Jake, the father of my children.  Dear husband I thank God for you every day.  Your strength and wisdom lead our family in the narrow path God has set before us.  I admire your work ethic, your compassion, your endless energy as you have been playing with your little ones all day long since we have been overseas during this adoption.  I love that when we missed church this one Sunday it completely threw off your whole day.  You know Who is important and that knowledge is evident in your entire life.  Thank you for teaching me about patience and love and self-sacrifice.   Thank you for pushing me to be a better mother.  Thank you for loving and forgiving more freely than any person I know.

Second, my dear Dad… growing up I never knew the extent of the sacrifices you made for our family and our country.  I have a little bit better of an idea now and it brings tears just thinking about it.  Thank you.  I’m sorry I left home a year early, I’ll say it – you were right!  One more year to spend with you and our family would have been better than anything the world could have offered me.  Thank you for caring so much about our family that you worry more than you should.  I know you love me because you’re always telling me what to do giving me wise counsel.  You are the best dad I’ve ever had and that won’t change for forever.

Grandpa, I miss you so much!  I have been trying to come see you since Stephen was born and it has just been impossible for us to make it out.  Thank you for being my Dad’s Dad and for giving him a really hard time when he needs it.  (Which, I’m sure, is quite often.)  Thank you for all that you have done and given to us through the years.  I think and pray for you often and I pray especially that we see you very soon so you can finally meet your second grandson and the new ones too!

And I certainly couldn’t forget Papa, my Dad-in-law (who is most likely better than yours, sorry but God gave me a great one!) thank you for so many things.  For raising my husband to be sweet, considerate, compassionate and loving.  For modeling for him what a good husband looks like so he had more than just an inkling when it was his turn.  Thank you for being such a great Papa to our children and for supporting Jake and I so we can be better parents.  Thank you for all the hard work you have done in the last five years of our marriage to help us through.  Thank you for being livable and lovable since we get to live so close!  :)

And finally, to the father I saw yesterday feeding and changing and loving on his precious daughter who is an a laying room just like our Janna is.  I saw your love for your girl.  I don’t know your story, but I know it’s not an uncommon one.  Please know I am praying for you and your daughter, praying beyond hope that there is some way you can be together one day.  I am praying for your hearts; to lose a child in death must be hard, but I imagine what you are going through is even harder.  Thank you for visiting her, for doing all that you can.  God bless you and your efforts to be the best father you know how to be in an impossible situation.


Dear Lord thank you for all the fathers in my life, all those who have blessed me with their fatherly love and who have made my life and who I am today possible.  Thank you for providing me with such godly men to lead and to guide me, to guard and protect me in all the seasons of my life.  May I always respect and honor them by my words, thoughts and deeds.  Help me to continually lift them in prayer as we all walk this journey together of working out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Bless the families and the people you have put in their care and give them love and joy all the days of their life.  Amen.

Some Unfortunate News

I am updating on a tablet so typing is slow.  Therefore I will be brief.  My computer randomly broke yesterday so I don’t have a good way to blog and post pictures, which is a shame because Janna is totally blossoming so beautifully. I will share a few highlights from the visit today in a boring bullet point format for you.

1. Except for a tiny bit of anxiety when they first wheeled her out I saw zero stimming or coping behaviors today!  And it was a two hour visit!

2. We played outside the entire time and she absolutely loved  being in the sunlight.

3. She did not throw her bottle once!  I think she is actually starting to like mama’s milk now and she drank all 1.5 ounces.  Victory!

4. It would take too long to explain the term here but Janna is absolutely a sensory seeking kiddo.  If you want you can Google that!

She is beautiful inside and out and just blossoming before our eyes.  Sorry again for the simplicity, but I hope it’s better than nothing!  Blessings everyone!

Always an Adventure

Today has been an interesting adventure.  Every day is in this foreign place!  Like the time I couldn’t figure out the oven so I cooked our frozen pizza on the stove.  Or trying to order food at the restaurant, or guess about what type of filling is in the crossaints at the grocery store.  Or driving… anywhere.  Today’s adventures started off with laundry.

Our current washer is evil… really.  When it’s running its cycles it sounds like it’s going to take off or blow up or something.  The last few times we had used it we came back in the bathroom to see it in the middle of the floor three or four feet from where it was supposed to be.  There are dents on the side of it – scars of its internal maladies.

Washers here are loud… but this thing appears to be off one or more of its rockers.  Yesterday Jake started going in and holding it down when it decided to become violent.  I was a little worried for his safety.  After the awful thing had woke the children up I told Jake that we simply could not use it anymore.  It was not worth the stress!

So this morning when we needed laundry done I did something I have never done before… I washed my clothes by hand!  I filled up the tub, put in some detergent, stirred them around, wringed them several times, worked on the stains, rinsed and air dry.  It was an unusually empowering experience to know that I could actually clean my own clothes without electricity, lol!  The second load is soaking now.  :)

Next, I spent more than twelve hours expressing just an ounce and a half of breastmilk for Janna’s visit today.  Before yesterday I had never used a bottle before, had never had to pump and had only expressed for a pesky diaper rash or an owie.  (Try it, it works!)  Boy have I had a lesson in dedicated parenting!  I was really not wanting to drag a pump around Eastern Europe with us, but I am sort of considering it…


The boys were feeling under the weather, and not wanting to take any risks at all, we had a girls-day-out for our visit with Janna today.  We got there early to have a bit of a longer visit today.  She seems to really light up after about the first 50 minutes or so.  I got her to eat a little and we went into the sunroom, which was nice and bright with the windows open.  She sat on the floor with only a little back support; I was so proud!

She absolutely loves being held while standing.  Just changing her from one hip to the other elicits lots of giggles and playfulness.  I decided to try spinning her since she enjoys movement so much and she loved it!  We just spun in circles for about five minutes, she would hold tight and then laugh hysterically when I stopped.Evangeline was begging to go play outside on the playground, so we went downstairs and I stood in the doorway to watch while holding Janna.  I told the nanny we were staying inside, so I didn’t want to get her in the sun without a kerchief or hat or break some other cultural taboo.


Then, in the middle of a spin, her nanny came down.  I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon and hoped we hadn’t done anything wrong.  When she saw Janna giggling she said her name in an affectionate “You’re being so silly” sort of tone.  She then announced “lunch” and I reluctantly handed Janna back.  Not sure why lunch was 35 minutes early today but I was disappointed.

We went early to work Janna up to a longer visit, and it ended up being the same amount of time, right as she was starting to completely relax and enjoy herself.  I also hadn’t finished giving her her bottle, and I was so frustrated with that!  I really wanted to get all one and a half ounces in her.  Oh well, perhaps tomorrow.

It’s been raining a lot and the kids are stir crazy in these apartments which are tiny compared to the running space they are used to at our parsonage!  I am really missing Juri and, honestly, tired of being illiterate.  We all seem to be hitting a fatigue with our travels.  Evangeline is having a hard time understanding why we can’t take Juri and Janna home yet.  We’re still having a good time and making the most of our trip, but there have certainly been some difficult moments.

It will all be worth it.  Taking this process one day at a time!

A Very Crunchy Visit

I am going to have a lot of fun with today’s post, not only because it was a fun visit but also because I get to share some crunchy things with you all today!  The last few months I’ve been blogging mostly about adoption stuff, and neglecting the “crunchy” part of my blog.  But today I get to do both!!

I asked our facilitator last night if we were allowed to bring snacks for Janna during our visits and she said yes!! I was super excited.  We were told one of the foods she likes is mashed banana, so I went with that.  We also know that she is getting formula daily, and of course, being the crunchy mama I am, breastmilk is definitely more my speed.

IMG_0549We went to the store this morning before our visit to get a few items for our sweet girl!  Before we left for the orphanage I mashed up the banana and softened it a bit with (you guessed it) breastmilk.  It is seriously the most nutritious food she could be having right now, and I have plenty so might as well share the wealth, right?

I also expressed an ounce of milk into the bottle we picked up at the store.  (You can see my lovely banana mash and the milk on that picture to your right.)   The last thing we bought her was a teddy bear, which is totally cute and fun, but is mostly just an avenue for her to be introduced to mama’s smell and have a familiar, comforting object when we leave the orphanage.

I have a special anxiety-relieving Essential Oil blend that I made before coming.  I sprayed the teddy bear with it and I used it like a perfume almost so that she would associate that smell with me as well.  When we got to the orphanage Evie gave her the teddy bear, which she sort of liked at first.  But I put it aside to help her focus on eating.

It took us a couple of tries before we figured out how to work with each other, but she did get it and ate almost the entire banana!  After that I gave her the bottle which she was initially excited about, took it right out of my hand and started guzzling.  That lasted for about five seconds, at which point she noticed the change in flavor from her usual menu and did not appreciate it.  She threw that thing on the floor faster than you could say “hot potato!”

It took us the entire hour, but eventually we did get all one ounce of mama’s milk into her tiny body.  We didn’t force her to take any, of course, but it seemed that she kept forgetting that she didn’t like it.  :)  By the end she didn’t seem to mind and she actually took it pretty happily.  She certainly wouldn’t hold it, however.  Whenever I tried to let her hold it, the bottle always ended up swiftly on the floor.

In any case, the snack went well for our first go-round, and the rest of the visit was awesome too.  Jake had her to himself for about twenty minutes, and he didn’t have to worry about feeding so they just got to play!  She is certainly a Daddy’s girl right now.  He said she was laughing 60% of the time they were together, which is huge huge progress from our last two visits!  She also apparently loved his scruffy chin, and he got her to really enjoy the teddy bear.

The kids and I came back in and she withdrew a bit again, but we stood up and held her, which is usually more comforting.  I was able to get her in a front-to-front carry which she was incredibly delighted with!  I doubt she’s ever been held that way before.  She was smiling and giggling and having a great time.  We really felt like she was just starting to come out of her shell when it was time for us to go.

It was so hard to hand her back to the nanny.  As soon as she took her Janna started searching for me.  I said “Paka, Janna” and gently touched her face.  She relaxed a little but started looking for me again when I didn’t take her back.  It was so incredibly hard to leave.  The last two visits were different, she needed to get back to her familiar crib and quiet by the time we left.  But today it was clear she was still ready for more!  I am just stunned at the progress we’ve made in a few short days.  I saw very few stimming behaviors today and there were so many smiles and giggles.  We will go for an hour and a half tomorrow and see how she does, very excited!

P.S. – We are still a ways from being funded.  Please click here to find out how you can help!

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