One More Time…

IMG_0866Today was our last visit with sweet boy (oh how I wish I could tell you his name!!) for a few days.  Tonight we head back to Kharkiv on the overnight train… again.  Getting a little tired of those things, lol!  Hopefully we will have our second court this week, but we were told today that we still haven’t gotten our approval from the SDA yet and we can’t have court until then, so we will see.  Pray that it comes tomorrow!

We were able to take little man to get his passport pictures done this morning, so that is one thing out of the way.  I think he really enjoyed getting to go in a car ride with Daddy, probably the most exciting thing he’s done in a while!  We had a better visit today; yesterday they kicked us out of the playground areas so the other children’s groupas could have their usual playing spots, so we were relegated to the benches on the sidewalk.  (Which if you hadn’t guessed isn’t a whole lot of fun for three energetic kids!)  Today I was more prepared and brought chalk to draw with that kept them occupied for some time, and then a few raindrops came down, cleared out the playgrounds and we got to go have some fun for a while.

He has been doing super well these visits.  We look at him now and just think “What mental delay?”  I can tell his speech is delayed, but that is typical for a child raised in an institutional setting and his vocabulary will grow quickly when we get home.  If he needs speech therapy it won’t be a big deal at all.  He’s a little immature for his age, but that’s also to be expected.  Mental delay though… please.  He is such a chatterbox when he is with us, so alive and wanting to do everything.  He’s just a typical kid!

His muscles were much more contracted on Sunday when we saw him, but they’re right back to where they were before we left.  It only takes a little love and persuasion to get his range of motion back and I know he’ll do fabulously with therapy when we get home.  The language barrier is hard and we’re going to be beefing up our Russian phrases so we can understand each other a little more on Gotcha Day.  I can imagine how isolating it will be for him not to have anyone around who speaks his language.  We’re still hoping to find a Russian speaker in our area who might be able to do a little translating once we’re back.

So we head out tonight, one more time and then we will never have to leave our son behind again!!  I am beyond excited that in just a couple short weeks we can take him out of there forever!  On a little sidenote, maybe I’ll get a chance to work on my Q&A Adoption post on the train tonight.  Feel free to comment here or email and let me know if you have any questions you’d like answered!

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