Where to even start.  I am totally beat.  Today was absolutely, insanely crazy.  We must have fit about three days of work into the span of one day.  We had to take the overnight train this morning that left at the bright and shining hour of 3:50am.  So after spending our night packing, and getting about a four hour nap, we headed off to the train station with two strangely alert and enthusiastic children in tow.

They were in better moods that first part of our train ride than they have ever been while boarding a train.  I don’t get it; my children apparently do not take after their mother in this area.  In any case the bright-shinies (my word of the day) faded quickly for all of us and we took a nap that last about an hour before the kids were up at their normal time of 6am… ready to play and run around.  Unfortunately, we still had seven hours on the train left to go…

I wouldn’t call our train ride productive, necessarily, but we sure did a lot of work keeping those kids occupied and behaved.  There were some vendors selling three-foot-long dried fish and some sort of annoying bird toys… but not real food.  Thankfully I did pack breakfast and enough snacks to hold us over.

We made it to the apartment and got settled around 2:30pm, at which point we had all of one hour to get dressed and turn around to get back in a vehicle to drive to the orphanage.  We could have skipped our visit today… well no we really couldn’t.  We needed to see our boy just about as much as he needed us.  Two and a half weeks is a long time!

While getting ready to leave Jake came to the terrible realization that he had left a book and our ipod on the train.  Funny story actually, while we were still on the train I saw those two things sitting on the little shelf above his bed and I thought to myself “I bet those are probably the worst two things we could leave on this train… good thing Jake is so organized that he won’t forget them!”  Ahem.  Next time I’ll think my thoughts out loud.

I called our facilitator, who initially told us there was nothing she could do, but later called to ask a few questions about which car we were in.  Miraculously, the train station was able to get a hold of the lady in charge of cleaning our car who had already left work.  And apparently lost and found isn’t really a thing here because she took them with her for safekeeping.  So after we paid for her taxi to and from the train station we got our stuff back.  Lol!  Thank you Lord for the little things.

IMG_0818After all that drama, we did have a great, albiet short, visit (probably for the best as a certain child’s temperament was fading extremely quickly.)  Juri was just as stiff today as he was the first day we met him.  It was mildly frustrating that all his progress was lost, but I’m not sweating it because I know his range of motion will come right back as soon as we can bring him home.  Even so, he still asked to walk today, and went quite a ways so I was very proud of him!

Poor thing though, he cried when we left.  As soon as we said the word “Paka” the tears started, oh that was hard.  I can imagine, though we were telling him repeatedly in Russian that we would be there tomorrow, that not seeing us for so long and having only a short visit was probably pretty tough on him.  That’s the first time he’s cried because we were going away.  Mama’s heart was broken.

After our orphanage visit we got back and arranged for a friend’s translator to come meet us at our apartment and play with the little ones for a while.  They can’t come to court with us so she is going to help watch them and we wanted them to know who she was so perhaps they won’t be so scared.  As I waited outside with the kids, Jake went to the grocery store to get some food.

Our translator friend came, they played, we ate dinner, tried bath time… that failed miserably.  Neither child had any energy left, so it was straight to bed for both of them and boy did they go down quick.  Now Jake is ironing clothes for tomorrow, I am finishing up my due diligence on here for all of you and we are hopefully going to get a full night’s sleep in before our full day tomorrow.

Did I mention we have court in the morning!?!?  So excited!  I can’t believe that tomorrow we could legally be a family of five!!  And what does that mean for all you lovely people?  Pictures!  Like real ones!  Be excited, be very excited.  And keep your prayer caps on because we’d love to have them this whirlwind of a week.  Also don’t forget to pray for sweet Hope.  It was tough last night not sleeping with her Teddy Bear, hopefully that and the toy we left her will give her a little bit of comfort or joy while we’re away.  Missing her dearly tonight.


  1. hard to believe that you’ve come this far,
    and you are almost there!

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