A Last Hurrah

We had our last hurrah here in Hope’s region before travelling back to have court for Juri.  We still have a visit with sweet girl tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be a good one because of certain orphanage schedules.  In any case, today was great so I’m going to hang on to that.  We got to go to Gorky Park with another family adopting from here and their little girl who is Evie’s age.  It was a good, long day and now I’m going to bed.  Here’s some pictures to enjoy from our fun park outing :)

Ok so this was before we went.  This happened at the orphanage (she fell on pavement… who puts pavement in a playground…)  We asked for a bandaid and this is what we got.  Poor girl had the doctor put iodine on the gash in her toe.  She cried for like an hour.


The huge bouncy castles that the girls got to play on.


Stephen eating an ice cream bar because he was too little for the bouncy castles.


Bungee trampolines!!  She had never done one of these before and she loved it!  We waited a while because parents kept paying the staff so their kids wouldn’t have to get off.  Lol!  But we got there eventually :)


The HUGE Ferris Wheel we went on.  I mean… just a little too high for my liking.  Haha.


Stephen’s first real ride, Dumbo!  He had lots of fun.


Bumper cars with Daddy!  Definitely a hit.


We found a Stephen-sized bungee jumper!!  I think he was technically a month too young but they let us slide.  😉


He LOVED it.  “Higher!” He said :)


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