The Monotony of Routine

Wake up at 4:30 to take my daughter to the bathroom so she doesn’t have an accident.

Go back to sleep… maybe.

Get up with the kids, who are hopefully well rested and happy (otherwise the next hour will not be an enjoyable one.)

Make breakfast.

Take showers.

Get the kids dressed and send them outside with Daddy so Mommy can clean and pack for our visit.

Take everyone potty one last time (because the potties at the orphanage are actually little buckets they set on the floor and a certain little boy is not ok with that).

Walk to the corner, withdraw some money from the ATM and wait for our driver to pick us up.

Nurse Stephen to sleep on the way there.

Walk up to Hope’s floor and wait for them to get her dressed.

Take the kids out to the orphanage playground to play.

Give everyone a snack and feed Hope her bottle.

Play some more.

Walk Hope back up the stairs to her crib… say good-bye.

Drive home and try to keep everyone calm, we are all tired and hungry by now.

Wash dishes, make lunch, eat.

Give Daddy 15 minutes of recuperation time while I watch the kids on the playground.

Let Daddy take over and go upstairs to post updates and blog for everyone.

Find something to do until dinner.

Eat dinner.

Let the kids play outside one more time.

Give the kids a bath.

Bedtime routine, prayers and finally bed…

This, with few variations, has been our routine for about the last ten days.  Jake told me the other day “I am fine with routine, I’m just tired of this one.”  I think we all feel about the same way.  As much as being here with Hope is a blessing, we are all fatigued and ready for the next stage of the process, we need to keep moving along so we can finally go home.

The playgrounds here are all essentially the same and have more or less lost their charm at this point.  Jake and I are tired and stressed and the kids are absolutely picking up on those cues.  I am so ready to go back to Juri’s city so that we can get out of this monotonous funk we are in.

I suppose I must be spoiled.  Since my husband is a pastor his routine changes seasonally and weekly depending on chapel services, Bible studies beginning or ending, hospital visits, seasons of the Church year, etc.  Each week looks different, so there is never any time to be bored!  I so often hear moms talk about  the monotony of motherhood, but I’ve yet to experience that myself.  I suppose these two weeks have given me a little inkling of what they are going through.

I can’t wait to pack our suitcases and move on to the next thing!  Court here we come!


  1. Thank you so much for the regular updates! I’m looking forward to hearing about the other children you’ve seen there. Oh how I hope you’ve seen Jordan, but know it’s not likely he’s out playing.

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