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Our visit with Hope today went so much better.  She was awake and alert, she smiled and laughed for us right away, although by the end of our visit she was obviously worn out.  Her stamina is not what it was four days ago.  She really needs some calories in her; she just has so little energy.  Poor sweet thing!  But even still she was an absolute joy today.  It’s so good to see her being herself again.  I was really beginning to miss that bubbly little personality.

I was very blessed today to be able to love on a few of the other sweet orphans there today who were playing with Evie and Stephen.  I am so very much hoping that we can find families for the three of them.  They were precious and so in need of love.  Expect that I will be talking about them in the future!  It is one thing to hope for a family for a picture on the computer screen, but once they become flesh and blood, real live children standing in front of you and giving you hugs… there is no way I could walk away from this place and not come back and do everything in my power to get them families!

In other news, our Sponsor a Mile Fundraiser is going so well!  We have met both our matching grants and we only have 1,498 miles left to go to meet our goal!  We will not be quite funded once this is met, (we are still $2,933 away from that) BUT we will be able to fly home with all four kiddos by the skin of our teeth!  Once we finish off our Miles Fundraiser I will announce Juri’s new name and the story behind that.  Exciting!!

Thank you all for continuing to love and pray us through!  We are finally in the home stretch of this adoption, and then the real journey begins!

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