We Have a Court Date!!

Woohoo!! Good news all around today!  First I woke up to see that our grant fund had jumped about $300 overnight!  We are now only $123.00 away from meeting our matching grant that we just started yesterday.  I am so unbelievebly blown away by the generosity and love from all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you for loving on us and our new kiddos!

More good news, we have a court date for Juri!  Monday the 23rd, God willing, he will be officially made our son!  I am beyond excited and thrilled.  The thought of leaving Janna is hard, but I know she’s in the hands of angels while we are gone and we need to get this process finished so we can take her out of there for good.  Not to mention I’ve been really missing my sweet boy.  It’s so hard to have my babies in different places!  Can’t wait till our big family is all together for good.

As far as our visit today, Janna had her worst day yet.  So few smiles, and even fewer giggles.  She was just staring the whole time, and she was vocalizing again, which she never does with us anymore.  It was hard.  Praying that tomorrow’s visit will be back to normal again.  We probably have about four more visits and then it’s off to Juri’s region for court!

After court there is a ten day waiting period where we are legally his parents but we cannot yet take custody.  This is so that if the prosecutor or anyone else wants to contest the judge’s ruling on the matter they have time to file paperwork for that.  Usually that doesn’t happen, but it is a mandatory time frame we have to go by regardless.  During his ten day wait we will need to come back here to go to court for Janna, so we will keep busy for sure!

Thank you again everyone so much!  Now that we aren’t in limbo land anymore just waiting for things to happen, I feel much more energized and ready to tackle the rest of this process.  We are really close to meeting our matching grant and then I can write the super fun post about Janna’s new name!!  Click here to read about our matching grant and to learn how you can help!

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