Today and yesterday were difficult visits.  Our poor Janna was lethargic and trying so hard to be engaged, but her little body was just too tired.  We have an inkling why, suffice it to say here that orphanage life is not a good life for any child.  She needs out of that place!  It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to hand her back to the nannies, turn around, and walk away.  Now that we are just waiting on court dates the days seem to be dragging on forever.  How long oh Lord!

And with the groaning of my heart, I learn another small piece of God’s heart for us.  How it must grieve him.  I have only two children who I long to be in my arms and my presence.  Our Father in Heaven has literally billions of children He is still working tirelessly to bring home to His Church.  The need is great, so great.

Yet even through the brokenness, there is light and hope.  Despite Janna’s condition today she was actually holding herself up in our arms!  Usually she just slouches over and leans on us, but she was actually “sitting” up straight today!  She did it several times, it was great progress and we were so encouraged.  We can’t wait to see her home and help her to become the beautiful young lady she was always meant to be.

And we are not the only ones!  Our family has been abundantly blessed with so many prayer warriors, encouragers and supporters.  We couldn’t do this without every single one of you.  A dear family member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered our family a second matching grant!  We have been so surprised, and humbled and grateful for this.  We still have 3,475 miles left to go on our miles fundraiser to get us funded for the rest of our adoption!  What a great blessing and opportunity this grant is for us.

Our anonymous donor has offered a matching grant of $631.00.  So when our mileage reaches 2,844 our donor will double that!  The grant was offered based on the Bible verse of Proverbs 6:31, that we might pray over Juri and Janna that everything which has been stolen from them will be returned sevenfold.  What a beautiful prayer and what a beautiful gift!

So here is your incentive!  We already have our children’s new names picked out.  Once we meet our matching grant we will share with you what Janna’s new name will be, along with the story behind it!  After we finish our miles fundraiser off completely we will announce Juri’s new name and the story behind that one!  I promise you they will be lovely names and inspiring stories and I am dying to share, so let’s knock this out shall we!!

Our donor has given us seven days to meet our matching grant.  Today is day one.  Let’s go!  I ask that now you have finished this post (yes right this minute) step away from the computer and say a quick prayer for our family.  After you have prayed please share this post and our story with others you know and ask them to do the same!  If you feel led to give perhaps consider $6.00 or $31.00 to honor the Scripture verse being prayed over our sweet children’s lives this week.

You can make a tax deductible donation at either of the links below:

Reece’s Rainbow Mueller Family Grant
Adopttogether Mueller Family Grant

We love you all so much and we are humbled and eager to watch God work as He knits our family together with love from His people around the globe.

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