Happy Father’s Day!

As a Father’s Day present I didn’t really get on the computer all day and so haven’t blogged yet!  But I wanted to do a little something special before heading off to bed.

I wanted to give a shout out to all you wonderful fathers!  Just to name a few…

First, Jake, the father of my children.  Dear husband I thank God for you every day.  Your strength and wisdom lead our family in the narrow path God has set before us.  I admire your work ethic, your compassion, your endless energy as you have been playing with your little ones all day long since we have been overseas during this adoption.  I love that when we missed church this one Sunday it completely threw off your whole day.  You know Who is important and that knowledge is evident in your entire life.  Thank you for teaching me about patience and love and self-sacrifice.   Thank you for pushing me to be a better mother.  Thank you for loving and forgiving more freely than any person I know.

Second, my dear Dad… growing up I never knew the extent of the sacrifices you made for our family and our country.  I have a little bit better of an idea now and it brings tears just thinking about it.  Thank you.  I’m sorry I left home a year early, I’ll say it – you were right!  One more year to spend with you and our family would have been better than anything the world could have offered me.  Thank you for caring so much about our family that you worry more than you should.  I know you love me because you’re always telling me what to do giving me wise counsel.  You are the best dad I’ve ever had and that won’t change for forever.

Grandpa, I miss you so much!  I have been trying to come see you since Stephen was born and it has just been impossible for us to make it out.  Thank you for being my Dad’s Dad and for giving him a really hard time when he needs it.  (Which, I’m sure, is quite often.)  Thank you for all that you have done and given to us through the years.  I think and pray for you often and I pray especially that we see you very soon so you can finally meet your second grandson and the new ones too!

And I certainly couldn’t forget Papa, my Dad-in-law (who is most likely better than yours, sorry but God gave me a great one!) thank you for so many things.  For raising my husband to be sweet, considerate, compassionate and loving.  For modeling for him what a good husband looks like so he had more than just an inkling when it was his turn.  Thank you for being such a great Papa to our children and for supporting Jake and I so we can be better parents.  Thank you for all the hard work you have done in the last five years of our marriage to help us through.  Thank you for being livable and lovable since we get to live so close!  :)

And finally, to the father I saw yesterday feeding and changing and loving on his precious daughter who is an a laying room just like our Janna is.  I saw your love for your girl.  I don’t know your story, but I know it’s not an uncommon one.  Please know I am praying for you and your daughter, praying beyond hope that there is some way you can be together one day.  I am praying for your hearts; to lose a child in death must be hard, but I imagine what you are going through is even harder.  Thank you for visiting her, for doing all that you can.  God bless you and your efforts to be the best father you know how to be in an impossible situation.


Dear Lord thank you for all the fathers in my life, all those who have blessed me with their fatherly love and who have made my life and who I am today possible.  Thank you for providing me with such godly men to lead and to guide me, to guard and protect me in all the seasons of my life.  May I always respect and honor them by my words, thoughts and deeds.  Help me to continually lift them in prayer as we all walk this journey together of working out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Bless the families and the people you have put in their care and give them love and joy all the days of their life.  Amen.

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