Always an Adventure

Today has been an interesting adventure.  Every day is in this foreign place!  Like the time I couldn’t figure out the oven so I cooked our frozen pizza on the stove.  Or trying to order food at the restaurant, or guess about what type of filling is in the crossaints at the grocery store.  Or driving… anywhere.  Today’s adventures started off with laundry.

Our current washer is evil… really.  When it’s running its cycles it sounds like it’s going to take off or blow up or something.  The last few times we had used it we came back in the bathroom to see it in the middle of the floor three or four feet from where it was supposed to be.  There are dents on the side of it – scars of its internal maladies.

Washers here are loud… but this thing appears to be off one or more of its rockers.  Yesterday Jake started going in and holding it down when it decided to become violent.  I was a little worried for his safety.  After the awful thing had woke the children up I told Jake that we simply could not use it anymore.  It was not worth the stress!

So this morning when we needed laundry done I did something I have never done before… I washed my clothes by hand!  I filled up the tub, put in some detergent, stirred them around, wringed them several times, worked on the stains, rinsed and air dry.  It was an unusually empowering experience to know that I could actually clean my own clothes without electricity, lol!  The second load is soaking now.  :)

Next, I spent more than twelve hours expressing just an ounce and a half of breastmilk for Janna’s visit today.  Before yesterday I had never used a bottle before, had never had to pump and had only expressed for a pesky diaper rash or an owie.  (Try it, it works!)  Boy have I had a lesson in dedicated parenting!  I was really not wanting to drag a pump around Eastern Europe with us, but I am sort of considering it…


The boys were feeling under the weather, and not wanting to take any risks at all, we had a girls-day-out for our visit with Janna today.  We got there early to have a bit of a longer visit today.  She seems to really light up after about the first 50 minutes or so.  I got her to eat a little and we went into the sunroom, which was nice and bright with the windows open.  She sat on the floor with only a little back support; I was so proud!

She absolutely loves being held while standing.  Just changing her from one hip to the other elicits lots of giggles and playfulness.  I decided to try spinning her since she enjoys movement so much and she loved it!  We just spun in circles for about five minutes, she would hold tight and then laugh hysterically when I stopped.Evangeline was begging to go play outside on the playground, so we went downstairs and I stood in the doorway to watch while holding Janna.  I told the nanny we were staying inside, so I didn’t want to get her in the sun without a kerchief or hat or break some other cultural taboo.


Then, in the middle of a spin, her nanny came down.  I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon and hoped we hadn’t done anything wrong.  When she saw Janna giggling she said her name in an affectionate “You’re being so silly” sort of tone.  She then announced “lunch” and I reluctantly handed Janna back.  Not sure why lunch was 35 minutes early today but I was disappointed.

We went early to work Janna up to a longer visit, and it ended up being the same amount of time, right as she was starting to completely relax and enjoy herself.  I also hadn’t finished giving her her bottle, and I was so frustrated with that!  I really wanted to get all one and a half ounces in her.  Oh well, perhaps tomorrow.

It’s been raining a lot and the kids are stir crazy in these apartments which are tiny compared to the running space they are used to at our parsonage!  I am really missing Juri and, honestly, tired of being illiterate.  We all seem to be hitting a fatigue with our travels.  Evangeline is having a hard time understanding why we can’t take Juri and Janna home yet.  We’re still having a good time and making the most of our trip, but there have certainly been some difficult moments.

It will all be worth it.  Taking this process one day at a time!

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