And then there was… Hope

Long, long ago in a land across the sea, there was a husband and a wife who wanted a family.  God blessed their marriage with a precious baby girl, who they loved and cared for as any mommy and daddy would.  Their little girl grew and was soon to be a big sister!

The baby in mommy’s tummy grew and grew, another little daughter, so loved and wanted by everyone.  Imagine their excitement and joy as their family went from three to four.  How happy they must all have been.  They went to each appointment and made sure all was fine, there were no issues, baby was growing and healthy!

But then something happened that was not supposed to be.  The mommy’s contractions started suddenly, earlier than they should.  There were problems with the labor, mommy and baby were both in danger.  The doctors scheduled an emergency surgery and took the baby, she was alive and breathing but not doing well.

The baby had to stay at the hospital because she was not healthy enough to go home.  The parents heard difficult words, diagnoses and feared the unknown.  Their families lived far away and were not close to help, could they raise their baby girl?  Were there enough resources in their world?

After two months they said they could not, and they gave their sweet daughter away.  She had to stay at the hospital for four months and then to the orphanage she would go.  The mother loved her daughter, and continued to visit her there, but her hurting heart couldn’t bear it.  She herself became very ill and the doctors said “Enough!  You cannot keep going there if you expect to keep your health.”

There were no more visits after that, just many long years of loneliness.  The sweet girl grew little by little in the crib that was the only home she knew.  The nannies at her orphanage loved her dearly, but they had no money to give all that so many children needed.

And yet her cheerful disposition stayed all the while.  Nine long years she laid in a crib, the only home she ever knew.  In it she learned to play with toys, to eat with a spoon, to pull herself up to sit, she learned to comfort her neighbor friends by gently petting.  She bonded with her nannies and loved to hold their hands.  She is fun, and ticklish and likes mostly sweet food (just like any kid!)

She is very tiny for her age, and when she’s overwhelmed she makes unusual sounds and rocks; it’s how she’s learned to soothe herself when no one is around.  But despite some of these quirky things, she’s gained everyone’s love.  She is a favorite and lights up the room with her joy and gentle heart.

Her life could be so much more, but her time is running out.  She has been at the orphanage longer than most and soon she will have to leave.  There simply are no resources for her to stay forever, she would need to go to a much worse place than this.  Her tender spirit would not survive a transfer to the brutality of where she’s headed.  Most children pass away once there.

There is no future for this beauty in her current world.  But this is not the end of her story, not nearly, not at all!  God is writing a beautiful story that we hope to share with you all…..


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