Tonight is going to be a short update because it’s been a long day and I’m exhausted!  It is almost 10pm here and Evie just had a meltdown and crashed like a rock.  Stephen took a way late and way long nap on the train and doesn’t even look sleepy yet.  Jake has already crashed with his princess after feeling ill all evening.

We got to take the express train tonight instead of the overnight and wow are they night and day!  It was very sleek and modern, we had a little seat grouping with a table (soo nice!)  Definitely our favorite mode of transportation thus far.  Unfortunately there was no morning express today so we took the afternoon train and got to our apartment a little after 6:30.  By the time we went to the grocery store, cooked and ate dinner it was already past 8:00pm when the kids are usually asleep!

But because of all the excitement they were still wide awake.  Jake had promised them the playground after dinner so I took them out, we went in for a bath, couldn’t get the cold water to work and nixed the bath.  Maybe tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow!!! We are so excited!  We get to meet Janna!

It is going to be a long day with probably a lot of paperwork, but it will be great!  Can’t wait to share!!

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