Unexpected Blessings

This weekend has truly been a blessing in disguise.  We so did not want to have to spend an extra four days away from our sweet son, but God is working it out for good.  As Jake and I discussed today, it’s hard now, but five years from now these extra few days will be absolutely meaningless, but the memories we have made here we will treasure forever!

I thought that the best update I could give you would be an update in pictures, so I hope you enjoy!  Tomorrow afternoon we leave on an express train for Janna’s city.  My next post will be from there!  I am getting very excited to meet her and can’t wait to tell you all about her sweetness!

Standing on the helicopter platform at the WWII museum.


Evangeline and Stephen sitting in the very tiny hull of the helicopter.


Taking a picture in front of the children’s mall that we can walk to from our apartment.  They are holding their McDonald’s balloons that we get every time we eat there in this country.


A snapshot of the Cave Monastery from our view at the WWII museum.


The memorial fountain at the WWII museum.


Our family standing in front of the Motherland Statue.  She is taller than the Statue of Liberty!


The kids standing on top of the “play” equipment.  Two tanks that were painted and they let people climb on.  Haha!


Another shot of the statue and the tanks.


The view of the river and the city from the base of the Motherland Statue.


A picturesque view of from the road down to the caves at the monastery.


The gorgeous bell tower at the Cave Monastery.


Us again at the Cave Monastery!


Here is a picture of another walkway at the monastery.


Evie and I trying Borscht at a cafe on our hike back up the hillside after seeing the caves.


Stephen enjoying his post-lunch ice cream.


Daddy helping Stephen enjoy his post-lunch ice cream.


Evie and I enjoying our Ferris Wheel ride at a park near our apartment.  We got to go with a few other adopting families and had a wonderful time!!


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