Hugs AND Kisses!

Today we had a GREAT visit! There were lots of ups and not very many downs, so that makes for a wonderful day! We started off the day with church across the street. We didn’t understand any of it, but it was refreshing to take some time to just be in a church. Then we walked a ways to McDonalds and the same lady from the other day took my order with a big smile when she saw the poor-American-lady-who-can’t-speak-Russian again.

We were all pretty tired from not sleeping well last night so we had some family nap time, which was awesome, and then went to our visit. Apparently they weren’t expecting us. Oops! Our facilitator called yesterday and told them we were going to visit even though it was Sunday, but apparently it’s a big building and not everyone gets the same memos 😉

So when we arrived I caught one of the staff members, who was very sweet, and she directed me up to the room where Juri’s group was. Best moment ever. Juri was sitting on the floor with the other kids in his group and as soon as he saw me he got a HUGE smile on his face and shouted “MAMA!!” and crawled over to me as fast as he could. I am pretty sure he was almost in tears he was so excited.

I picked him up and greeted him and he put his head on my shoulder and was saying all kinds of excited things in Russian. He asked me several times if papa was there, and I assured him he was while the two nannies talked for a few minutes about whether or not we should visit since they didn’t know if we had permission.

Thankfully the verdict was yes and we went back outside to see Papa, sistra and brat. He didn’t have his wheelchair today, which was kind of nice; we had more mobility without it actually and he can sit up fine on the bench on his own. It also meant we got to carry him around, which was great for bonding.

Picture BookWe showed him his picture book today with all his family and grandparents and the house and he seemed so excited, I even got an unsolicited hug, which was awesome. The nice nanny who I met when we first got there came back out at the end of our visit and through her broken English and my even more broken Russian we were able to have somewhat of a conversation.

She asked if we lived in America and I told her yes. “California?” Haha… no… She asked us what city and didn’t recognize it and asked if it was big or small. I told her that it was smaller and showed her our house in the picture book. I was also able to tell her that I stay at home and Jake is a pastor. Not quite sure she understood the whole home schooling bit. I tried to explain it when she asked if Juri would go to a school in America and what grade. Umm… it’s hard to explain? Lol

She also asked where Jake’s family was from. She said he doesn’t look American he looks Ukrainian! So I told her that his family was Slovak and she nodded in an “I thought so” sort of way. She said that I look American and asked if my family was Slovak too, lol! I said “No, English and German.” She said that Jake and Juri look very much alike in the face, so I know it’s not just our family’s bias that we keep hearing that! 😀

She also asked if we are adopting Juri because he is cute, and while I do think he’s the most adorable kid I didn’t want her to think that’s why we chose him!  So I tried to explain that Jake had a dream about him.  She acted like she understood but I’m not sure, haha.  While she was there she talked with Juri a bit and I heard her ask him “Do you want a mama?” to which he smiled and nodded. I was so glad I knew that phrase! It was a precious moment.

We also played a lot in the sandbox near the end. We could not get him away from it! But he had to stand to play there and he stood on his own, holding on to the rail for 15 or 20 minutes! Two days ago he wouldn’t do that for me at all! He’s going to make such fast progress, I know it!

When it was time to go I just gave him his cars and toys and hoped for the best! At least he wasn’t crying when we left. The nanny and I both told him we would be back tomorrow and he told me good-bye. I kissed his cheek and he tried to give me a kiss back! It was very sweet.

Overall it was a great day. We got our stove to work, made it to the grocery store again and had another awesome visit. Unfortunately I don’t think the kids will get to come to the visits tomorrow, which is a huge bummer. I know they will miss their new brother and it won’t be nearly as fun not having us all together. But, as I keep telling myself, it’s only temporary and labor pains must always come before a beautiful birth!


  1. Cindy Mueller says:

    Just praising God for his tender mercies….new every morning…and rejoicing in His faithfulness!

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