Leavin’ on a Jet Plane!

Don’t worry, we will be back again!

The first leg of our trip is complete!  We made the two hour drive to our hotel and we will take the shuttle to the airport in the morning.  Our first flight leaves at 10:20am to Chicago where we’ll have a two hour layover.  Then from there we have a connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  That will be about thirteen hours long, getting us in Germany in the wee hours of their morning on May 27th.

Once there we will have a four and a half hour layover before boarding the flight to our final destination and arriving in Juri and Janna’s country at 1:15pm their time (aka 6:15am CST).  That will be just under a full 24 hours of travelling for our crew, which I am sure is what fond family memories are made of.  😉

We beg your prayers for our safe travels during all this time, for peace and good sleep on the flights, for no lost luggage and that God would grant us grace and patience as we traverse the airports during our long journey.

This will be my last blog post stateside until our sweet children are home!  I might make a quick Facebook update or two, so be sure to check our family’s adoption page as well.  Many blessings to all of you who are following our journey back home and praying us through!!

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