Six Weeks is a Long Time

Six weeks is a long time, and I have been hearing that a lot lately, usually closely followed by “What will you be doing all that time?”  Haha… well as six weeks is long, so is the explanation to that question!  So instead of answering everyone individually here is a quick play-by-play of how our time in Ukraine will be spent.  But do remember, this is just our very best estimate of what it will look like.  The adoption process is very fluid in Ukraine and everyone’s process and timeline looks a little bit different.

Days 1-4: Arrive in the country’s capital and head to our first DAP appointment to get our first referral.  It takes a couple of days for all the paperwork to be complete.

Days 5-9: Travel to the first child’s region (region 1) to meet our child, be there 3-4 days to accept their referral.

Days 10-12: Train ride back to the capital to pick up second referral, be there about 2 days.

Days 13-20: Travel to our second child’s region, (region 2), be there for about a week to visit and accept their referral.

Days 21-24: Travel back to region 1 to have court, be there a few days.

Days 25-32: Travel back to region 2, have court, be there about a week.

(A quick note on court.  We have to go to court for a judge to determine that we can adopt the children.  After court there is a 10 day waiting period before our adoption becomes final and we can take custody of the children.  So, that’s why we have another week or so of just visiting before the paper chasing starts!)

Days 33-36: Travel back to region 1 and do paperchasing for a few days.

Days 37-40: Leave that region and go back to region 2, do the paperchasing there.

Days 40-43: Take custody of children in both regions (which involves more back and forth if you hadn’t guessed!)

Days 44-47: Travel back to the capital for medicals, Embassy paperwork, visas, etc…

Day 48: Fly home!

Now that works out to an estimate of about seven weeks, but you get the idea.  Remember you have to take everything I say with a grain or two of salt because these are just my best estimates, and have absolutely no bearing on what might actually happen when we get there.  I’ve never done this before!  And no one’s process is like another’s.  Although we all have to have these elements in there somewhere, when those things will happen are totally on the timeline of the government officials we will be working with.  We also have two local holidays in June that may or may not cause mild delays.  We shall see!  Thank you for following our journey, we are so excited to share it with you!!

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