Packing Day!

One week from today our entire family will be living in the same country for the very first time!  And this week is the last week we will be at home sleeping in our beds with our babies far far away.  I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it.  Today is packing day at our house, getting our suitcases geared up and ready to go!  Tomorrow is our deep cleaning day, getting the house all in order and set to welcome us home after our long journey is over.  Sometime in there we will also need to take a freezer inventory so we know what we have to eat when we get back!

Thursday my dear father is coming into town to spend some time with us, and we’ll have lots of errands to run to finalize things up for the adoption.  Friday is grocery shopping day for Saturday which is going to be a marathon freezer meal cooking day.  I hope to have at least a month’s worth of food so I won’t need to cook when we get home!  At least for a while :)  And I have already been asked, so yes, I’ll post the details and menu for all of you lovely people.

Sunday is our last farewell at church, and then we hit the road!  We will stay overnight near the airport since our flight goes out in the morning.  We covet your prayers as we prepare to embark on this incredible journey!  Like our page on Facebook so you will be sure to get all our updates while we’re there!


  1. So excited for you, Dalas!

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